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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Midsummer Night Dream

Or midspring night, I think this is a springy piece, but you could use it with your wedding trusso at any time of year. I think it could go wintery also. Look at the lavendar, a color that works in mulitple seasons.

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Flower Choker

This color could be duplicated in your spring tulip bouquet and your bridesmaid gowns in a peach color, or a shade of red. Very pretty and feminin, seed beads in a peyote-stitch by Triz Designs. Check out her web site and order now.

Keywords: Japanese seed beads, Czech glass, Choker, Spring bride, wedding jewelry

Something Blue Wedding Bracelet

Czech seed beads, white Japanese cubes, diagonal strips of white opal, light blue Swarovski crystals. Beautiful bracelet for the bride. The blue can act as your "something blue" and it can compliment your bridesmaid gowns.

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Spring Triple Twist Bracelet

3-strand spirals with Japanese cubes and Swarovski crystals. carved bone bead closeure. Spring jewelry for the bride.

Keywords: bridal jewelry, spring bride, Swarovski crystals, wedding jewelry

Spring Bride Set

Lovely choker and bracelet set of Czech seed beads, white Japanese cubes and fresh-water pearls. See Triz Designs for more.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Orange Roses

These roses are a great color. I can see the bridesmaids in coral, can't you. A nice spring color.

Keywords: wedding bouquet, vintage roses, weddings, spring wedding

Spring Bride

I like the shoulder strap being wide on this neckline. ANd the curved dropwaist. The veil and the garland, very feminine. And simple flowers. Good look.

Keywords: Spring bride, wedding gown, drop waist, scoop neck.


White roses for the bridal bouquet. Natural and feminine

Keywords: marriage, bridal bouquet, weddings, spring weddings

Spring Bride

Think Spring

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Is this a lowly flower or could a bouquet of carnations be sensious and delicous. I'm in favor of the spicy smelling flower having a higher place on the favored-flower chart.

Keywords: wedding bouquets, SandraAphotography, weddings

Pink Peonies Bouquet

See Dreamstime for a copy of this picture. Lovely peonies for your spring wedding. This shade of pink would make perfect bridesmaid dresses.

Keywords: weddings, spring weddings, dreastime, bridesmaid dresses

Neptunes Treasure Cuff

Beadweaving with 24K seedbeades, rice pearls, and gold-filled clasp.. A lovely bracelet for the bride. See nansglam for more.

Keywords: weddings, bracelets, marriage, winter weddings, bridal jewelry

Pearl Bracelet

Stretch cuff made with button pearls. Silver breads. Beautiful on the bare wrist of a winter bride.

Keywords: wedding jewelry, winter weddings, bridesmaids, button pearls

Wedding Jewelry

Freshwater pearls and topaz gemstones with silver wire wraps.

Keywords: wedding jewelry, spring wedding, winter wedding, bride

Origami Peace Cranes & Poppies

What wonderful colors. I'm ordering some of these. See californiacrafters at etsy.

Keywords: peace cranes, spring weddings, wedding favors

Peach Peony Peace Crane

See California Crafters Club of Etsy for Peace Cranes, origami for your guests, or for the flowers. And the intention of peace for a wedding is sublime. Yes!

Keywords: weddings, CCCOE, localcolorist, peace cranes

Spring Wedding Peace Crane

Well, these beautiful peace cranes from Etsy would make wonderful favors or added to bouquets, unique additions to the wedding.

Keywords: spring wedding, peace crane, tulips, paper whites

Friday, December 26, 2008

Mango Calla Lilies

Here is a bridal bouquet that could go either spring or fall. Isn't this lovely in its simplicity? Try an orange theme for the spring wedding.

Keywords: spring wedding, calla lilies, wedding bouquet,

White Bridal Bouquet.

See for more wedding bouquet ideas. This is a great bouquet idea for the spring wedding, Daisies and roses, stephanotis, hypericum berries and freesia.

Keywords: Spring bouquet, wedding bouquet, daisies, roses, stephanotis, hypericum berries, freesia

Roses and Calla Lilies of Spring

More flowers in the yellow and red theme. Here the calla lilies are yellow, isn't this fabulous? Very bright bouquet. Could be used ofr spring or summer.

Keywords: spring wedding, calla lilies, bridal bouquet, wedding flowers, Lora's Floral

Red & yellow Tulips

Bridal bouquet of red and yellow tulips, hand-tied with ti leaves and bear grass.

Keywords: spring wedding, wedding bouquet, tulips

Roses and Daisies.

Here the gerber daisy is a doosey of a sweet bouquet. I love the freshness of this bouquet and with a simple gown, or a lace gown, the bride will look like spring itself.

Keywords: Spring flowers, wedding bouquet, gerber daisy, lacy gown

Spring Wedding Cake

I love this cake. It reminds me of a formal dress I wore to some Job's Daughter event back in the 60s. Very sweet and light-hearted.

Keywords: Spring wedding cake, yellow icing, daisies.

Bridal Bouquet

Lilies and roses--good for spring weddings. Lilies have a lot of meaning, you can use that as part of your theme, or not. And they smell good. Be sure to remove the pollen.

Keywords: spring wedding bouquet, wedding flowers, lilies, roses, brides bouquet

Yellow Tulip Bouquet

Jaki Good took this shot of a bride with yellow tulips. I like how simple the bouquet is and her hair is a great example of a updo that is loose and feminine. Flower in the hair. Pearl necklace and earrings--perfect.

Keywords: spring wedding, updo, bridal hair, weddings, tulips

Spring Wedding Cupcakes

Bees and ladybugs for a spring theme. IT's time now to think about the pastels of spring, or the bright pure colors of bulbs that pop through come March. Even earlier in some places. Try something whimsical for you wedding.

Keywords: whimsical wedding, wedding cake, wedding cupcakes, spring wedding

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Winter Wedding Bouquet

I love the shades of rose and pink in this bouquet. Very pretty with bits of greenery. Texturally, it works well too, not so tightly packed as some.

Keywords: winter wedding, rose-colored roses, pink roses, evergreen

Christmas Wedding Cupcake

Just Cupcakes! makes works of art that are edible cakes. This has gold leaf on the royal icing. Very inventive and very wintery.

Keywords: winter wedding, christmas wedding cupcakes, wedding cakes

Christmas Wedding

Well, I guess a Christmas wedding would include a Christmas tree. I was thinking I wouldn't want to get married at Christmas, but when I remarried my second husband--it was on the winter solstice. A lovely time of year for a bright party.

Keywords: winter wedding, solstice wedding, Hawaiian wedding

Victorian Christmas Wedding Cake

Christmas theme for the wedding cake. Sugarpaste fruit and pinecones.

Keywords: Christmas wedding, wedding cake, sugarpaste, winter wedding

Christmas Wedding

Look at this, wouldn't that be romantic? A horse drawn carriage. Around here we get such bad storms, I'm not sure I'd want to have a Christmas wedding. Could be no one would come.

Keywords: Christmas wedding, winter wedding, spring wedding.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bridal Bouquet

Here is a red rose bouquet with wisps of feathers. Beautiful and dramatic.

Keywords: weddings, spring wedding, wedding bouquet, Chelsea Elizabeth photography

Bridesmaids Bouquet

I love the orange and red together and the bridesmaid dress, we can't see it all, but it looks lovely, low cut, a slit up the leg. Very nice.

Keywords: wedding bouquet, Chelsea Elizabeth Photography

Wedding gown & Bouquet

Look at this lovely draping rose bouquet. Very nice.

Keywords: wedding bouquet, spring weddings, bridal bouquet

Tulle Gown

Here's a throw-back to the past. All those layers of chiffon. It reminds me of the petticoats we used to wear.

Keywords: Modern Bride, wedding gown, chiffon layers

JW Spring 2009

A closer look at the skirt. So feminine and flowing. Beautiful.

Keywords: spring wedding, Jane Wang, strapless gown

Jane Wang Spring 2009

Here's a satin strapless gown with embroidered flowers. A chiffon skirt on a dropped waist. Slimming and feminine.

Keywords: Satin gown, chiffon and satine, Jane Wang, spring wedding

A Sweet Strapless Gown

All those flowers and embroidery. Very pretty gown for the spring wedding.

Keywords: Spring wedding, Jane Wang, Wedding gowns

Jane Wang Spring 2009

Time to think about your gown for the spring wedding. I like the tiers of chiffon on the skirt of this dress, and the sparkles at the bodice.

Keywords: wedding gowns, Jane Wang, spring wedding, chiffon gown

Friday, December 19, 2008

Beautiful Wedding Hair

Here are many winter styles that will suit your hair. Try the flowers and the pretty braided updos.

Keywords: Updos, wedding hair, flowers

Feminine Hair

Here are a selection of dos that will give you some ideas. I like the simpler hair, since you have the gown and jewelry, etc. Don't get too carried away. Simple is beautiful.

Keywords: Updos, wedding hair, flowers

Pretty Updo

This do is twisted up in the back. The bangs and loose tendrils are femine and lovely.

Keywords: wedding hair, weddings, updo

Wedding Hair

These little white flowers in the curls of this brides hair are a lovely accent to her long neck and her drop pearl earrings.

Keywords: earrings, graceful neck, wedding flowers, hair accessories

Wedding Hair

Her hair is pulled back and then turned into lovely tight curls. The flower accent and the veil tucked under the bun. Classic.

Keywords: wedding hair, chignon, winter wedding, wedding veil

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Possible Wedding Hair

Matt at Wink Salon did this modern hair with highlights and veil. The veil can come down lower, to the tip of her nose. Nice with a big flower.

Keywords: wedding hair, wedding veil, highlights, flower in hair

Baby's Breath

This garland of tiny flowers is lovely on this brides updo. The updo affords the lovely lines of the neck and chin to show. Be sure to wear strapless tops if sunning before your wedding.

Wedding Hairpieces by EasterYu

These feathered hairpieces look beautiful in a updo and if you want to have a vintage wedding, even more perfice. The tropical colors are wonderful on a dark winter day. See id=5581897

Keywords: feathered heairpieces, oncewed, flowers, EasterYu

Romantic Wedding

Wedding flowers in tangerine, winter flowers on the table, salin gown, more ideas for your wedding. see for gowns and for photos.

Keywords: winter weddings, wedding flowers, tangerine roses, wedding bouquets

Garden Wedding Ideas

Skipping to spring or a California wedding, these beautiful wedding details, the wedding hair with flowers, the rose colored dresses and pretty handbags. Nice.

Red and Turquoise Wedding Ideas

Now red and turquoise could be used in the winter or in the spring. Both colors happen in the winter, the red of sunsets, or red contrasting christmas ornaments, and the turquoise of water, if you live around it, or a winter sky.

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