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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Henna Hands Bride

See for supplies and more photos. This looks like a lovely pair of gloves.

Keywords: wedding hands, henna hands, henna wedding, Indian wedding

Henna Wedding Cake.

See for henna designs.

Keywords: Indian wedding, wedding cake, bridal bouquet, bridal flowers

My Wedding Dress

Nyonya dress--a traditional gown.
Baba-Nyonya (峇峇娘惹) and Straits Chinese (土生華人; named after the Straits of Malacca) are terms used for the descendants of the very early Chinese immigrants to the Nusantara region. Info taken from Wikipedia~ Peranakan

Keywords: Photo by Roger, the Wedding Photographer, traditional dress, weddings, bride and groom, customs

Chinese Canadian Wedding

This is lovely, with traditional attire, tea ceremony, and lovely bride. Go with tradition, which could mean your heritage, or the tradition of your area, or of your current views of the world.

Keywords: wedding tea ceremony, wedding gifts, chinese wedding, vancouver wedding, Vivian Chung Photogaphy

Chinese Couple with Confetti

Love this polka dot and stripped cake. Think about making you wedding lively--through in some bright color, mix it up with patterns, have fun.

Keywords: Vivian Chung Photography, wedding photos, bridal gown, wedding cake, wedding hair

Backlit Bride

Here the bride poses for her wedding shot. The sun back lights her--lovely. See Vivian Chung Photography for your wedding.

Keywords: weddings, Asian wedding, bridal gown, bridal photogrpahy

Beautiful Bride

Occasion Photography shooting the beautiful bride Deana. Loving jewled head piece, earrings, and necklace.

Keywords: weddings, Indian wedding, henna, eye makeup, jewels

Wedding Hair and Jewelry

Occasion Photography, beautiful bride with traditional jewelry and head piece.

Keywords: Indian wedding, Asian wedding, traditional wedding, updo

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flower Girl

Pick out a pretty dress for your flower girl. Try on-line catalogues for cut and inexpensive dresses--such as JC Penny's.

Keywords: wedding gowns, flower girls, catalogue shopping

Sunderland Wedding Bridesmaids

Photograph by North East Wedding Photographer Dirk Van Der Werff--www.AQphotos. com

Keywords: wedding photography, bridesmaids, flower girls, weddings

Hartlepool Bride

A pretty photo taken by North East Wedding Photographer Dirk van Der Werff. www.

Keywords: weddings, wedding photography, staincliffe hotel, wedding venue

New York City Wedding

High style in New York City. Carrie Bradshaw Shows, pretty place cards, lacey dress, bon bons, wedding bouquet.

Keywords: wedding style, New York Wedding, bouquets

Italy: Herb Place Card

This is a lovely idea for place cards on your wedding tables. At your reception you can seat a extrovert at every table to help break the ice.

Keywords: Martha Steward Weddings, wedding tables, centerpieces

Italy: Apricot Place Cards

Fruit is pretty and edible. It is also inexpensive to use for your wedding table decorations.

Keywords: Fruit centerpieces, weddings, table decorations, edible place cards

Italy: Fruit Centerpiece

Try fruit for your wedding centerpieces or for name tags. Pretty and edible and inexpensive. See camillestyles for more ideas.

Keywords: Fruit centerpieces, wedding style, wedding ideas, marriage

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wedding Gown Photography

Beautiful bride with lace and orchids. See th photography for your precious moments.

Keywords: Th Photography, lace gloves, veil, orchid bouquet, beautiful bride.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wedding Inspriation

Here you see beautiful wedding hair, lovely wedding gown and bridesmaid dress, many other inspirations. Make your own board to keep you organized and to create the image you want.

Keywords: wedidng board, wedding inspiration, wedding hair, Cassandra from Lake Orion

Oscar de la Renta Dress

Other dresses: Rodarte, J. Crew, Vogue, Rochas ruffle dress, champagne tower, lauadree cake, and more.

Keywords: wedding ideas, inspiration board, wedding cake, wedding flowers

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

2.01 ct E colour emerald cut diamond surround by 50.1 point round diamonds. Beautiful.

Keywords: wedding sets, wedding rings, engagement rings

"Aqua Trillian" Engagement Ring

Beautiful! A brillant cut 0.90ct diamond in four claw setting. Platinum ring. Secret diamond and inscription on inside of band.

Keywords: weddings, wedding ring, brillant cut, platinum ring

Wedding Ring Set

Diamond set of rose gold. Marquise diamond. Beautiful.

Keywords: marquise diamond, wedding set, weddings, rose gold

Diamond Ring

Lovely ring with wrapped of blue stones. Elegant and ornate.

Keywords: diamondqueen, cluster diamonds, wedding ring

Diamond Ring

Beautiful ring from diamondqueen. Tear drop design with diamonds and sapphire.

Keywords: diamond rings, wedding rings, diamondqueen, weddings

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vintage Brooch Wedding Cake

Here is a cutting cake wrapped with an olive green satin ribbon that's secured with a vintage brooch. See ConsumebyCake for more ideas.

Keywords: wedding cake, cutting cake, vintage brooch, wedding gown, weddings

Green Gown

This is a lovely gown--the color would be great for an accent color. Bridesmaid dresses, lovely with pink or white flowers.

Keywords: weddings, bridesmaid, green gown, lovely gown

Flower GIrl

See www.perezsisters. com for help with photographic and design services.

Keywords: cute flower girl dress, wedding ensemble, wedding gown, weddings

Kaitlin Hawkins

Fabulous blue dress. Love the detail around the bodice.

Keywords: wedding, wedding gown, blue satin gown, wedding photography

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wedding Photography

Bridal hair with peacock feathers and matching blue necklace. Lovely with white or a bronze color. See Anguyen photography for your wedding needs.

Keywords: wedding, bridal hair, updo, hair accessories, wedding gown

Bridal Hair

Here's a bride model in her strapless gown with details, a lovely updo and sheer veil. Classic neckline, bare to show the clavicles and loverly shoulders.

Keywords: wedding gown, wedding dress, updo, wedding hair, bridal

Flower Girl

What a sweet dress, and such a direct look. And the bride's simple gown and long wedding-hair style. Very pretty.

Keywords: weddings, wedding gown, flower girl, sweetheart neckline, strapless gown, summer white

Penang Heritage Wedding Gown

Interestng gown and wedding hat. Almost has a bit of the south in it. Fitted gown to thigh. I'm wondering if one would have to be super thin to wear this dress, or tall?

Keywords: wedding gown, wedding dress, wedding hair, bridal hat

Penang Heritage Wedding Gown

Very interesting photo and love the lace-edged veil. Simple gown with lace sleeves. Classic style.

Keywords: Penang Heritage, wedding gown, lace-edged veil, wedding dress

Monday, May 18, 2009

Blue & Gold Wedding

The bridesmaid dress in this inspiration board is a taupe color--classic lines, elegant. The cakes--why not bake several, or have your frriends bake them-budget wisely.

Keywords: tastefullyentertaining., blue and gold color palette, wedding invites, bridesmaid dress

Black and Ecru Wedding

Beautiful color palette for summer or winter. The ecru sating belt on thebridesmaid dresses is dramatic and classic. A calla on the lapel of the tux. Ecru invites with black ribbon.

Keywords: wedding palette, black and ecru, groom, bridesmaid, tastefullyentertaining.blogspot

Blue and Brown Wedding

Wedding color palette of blue and brown. Use the brown as your base and blue accent on most everything except cake and favors.

Keywords: wedding favors, wedding invitations, color palette, bridesmaid dresses

Bird Engagement Party

What will you use as a theme for your wedding engagement party? Birds are fun. Good for spring or summer.

Keywords: weddings, bird engagement theme, engagement party, eggs, branches, engagement cake

Red and Purple Wedding

I wouldn't be opposed to wearing red--or at least have my gals wear red. Red flowers--bridal bouquet and cake. Red bouquets on the tables. Fun.

Keywords: tastfullyenetertaining., weddings, red palette

Friday, May 15, 2009

June 1957

Vintage vogue model in gown with veil. Very beautiful, classic, and current too.

Keywords: vogue wedding, vintage wedding gown, weddings, classic wedding

Brussels Lace Skirt Detail

Here is a detail of the Brussels Lace gown. Lace is feminine and when you wear it you feel elegant. Beads and pearls work well with lace.

Keywords: Vintage lace, wedding dress, Brussels lace, wedding gown

Tambour Lace Bodice

Detail of lace bodice sleeve. This gown is lined in celery green silk. Lovely.

Keywords: Tambour Lace, celery green silk, silk lining, wedding gown

Brussels Lace Wedding Dress

Here is a detail of a Brussels gown with a two-part lace train attached to the back with two lace-covered buttons. Vintage gowns can be found at antique stores, used clothing stores, and on-line.

Keywords: vintagelouie, vintage gown, Brussels gown, lace train

Thursday, May 14, 2009

2009 Misskhue

Layered tulle with strapless bodice. Tucked and swirled, multiple layers provide texture to the skirt of this gown. Feminine look.

Keywords: wedding gowns, weddings, vietnamese bride, www.misskhue. com

2009 Misskhue

Here the neckline is traditional and lovely on this modle. Consider many different necklines, one will fit your figure perfectly. See www.misskhue. com for more ideas.

Keywords: weddings, wedding gown, vietnam, vietnamese girl, bridal

2009 Misskhue

This gown has the pleated tulle that stays put. Very sheer and full and flattering. The bodice is nice for those who don't want to go strapless. An accent of pink at the waist.

Keywords: www.misskhue. com, wedding gowns, Vietnam, wedding dress

2009 Misskhue

A feminine gown designed with a Greecian look in mind. Flowing tulle, elegant, feminine.

Keywords: weddings, wedding gowns, Greece, wedding dress, Vietamese girl

Misskhue Wedding Gown

This gown is terraced like green fields. Very pretty and a excellent fit. See www.misskhue. com for more beautiful gowns.

Keywords: white wedding, wedding gowns, terraced gown, contoured gown

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Parisian Bridal Shower

Is the bride honeymooning in Paris? If so, throw a theme shower, using parisian symbols. For more ideas see tastefullyentertaining.blogspot. com

Keywords: tastefullyentertaining, Paris, bridal shower, wedding palette

Hot Pink and Lime Bridal Shower

Color skeme for her bridal shower can be your own creation or it could dovetail the brides color palette for her wedding. If she's using a focus color of shocking pink, use it two, only branch off into other playful colors, such as lime green.

Keywords: wedding shower, weddings, color palette, lime green, shocking pink

Brown and Pink Wedding

Here's a color skeme that tones down the shocking pink a bit. Very pretty invites and great wedding cupcakes. See tastefullyentertaining. blogspot for image source.

Keywords: tastefully entertaining, color skeme, wedding colors, pink wedding

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Short Do

Cute do and great just like this for a wedding. Be sure to have someone help you with your makeup. My friend didn't want to wear any and she was dissappointed because she looked washed out in the pictures.

Keywords: wedding do, short do, updo, wedding hair, weddings

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- I Corinthians 13:13

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