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Saturday, May 31, 2008

DIOR, 2007: Origami Bride

Fantasy wedding gown. Unreal!

Wedding Gloves

Wedding Gloves
Originally uploaded by weddingssc
Gloves, necklaces, tiaras?

Sex And The City Wedding

Originally uploaded by Zélia L
Another dress to choose from. This one is short, poofy layers--only for the petite woman. How about those beads? I like the veil and the little white gloves.

Sex And The City Wedding

Originally uploaded by Zélia L
Sarah Jessica Parker in wedding dress. Very elegant designer dress.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hydrangea Wedding Invitation

hydrangea wedding
Originally uploaded by Sarah Parrott
I like this blue called pool. Very cool and refreshing.

Jessi & Uri's wedding invitations

Screenprinted wedding invites. White, black, pool blue ink on tan stock.

Wedding Invitations

Britta & Michael
Originally uploaded by UglyKitty
Here's a lovely matching set of invites, RSVP cards, directions cards, and envelopes. The botanical images are different on each, and all of it tie together swimmingly.

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation
Originally uploaded by LizzyJJ
Pretty invites with pearl embellishments. RSVP card is important and if you like, send a save the date card or magnet earlier.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wedding Invitation

wedding invitation
Originally uploaded by Lauren Athalia
Elegant. The graphic on this card is memorable. I like the directions card matching.

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation
Originally uploaded by chocosaur
Very playful and modern. I'm wondering what the accent colors were for cake and bridesmaid dresses--orange, peach, brown? Nice!

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation
Originally uploaded by Framed Geek
This is a lovely design, complete with directions. And it folds in three. Keen!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes
Originally uploaded by Adrian Ziemkowski
Lovely open-toed wedding shoes with sequins and beads. Feminine and romantic. Perfect with a lacy dress.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Satin Feet

Wedding Shoes
Originally uploaded by V&V Chow
Satin with embroidery. Nice sturdy heal, yet feminine lines for the princess bride. Timeless in a satin-trimmed tulle veil, embroidered bodice with satin skirt. See Stuart Weitzman for bridal selection

Bridal Shoes

Bridal Shoes
Originally uploaded by karen lisa*
White satin, pointed, romantic ribbon.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


BRIDAL PLEASURES I love these favors. See her blog for more ideas.

Couture Bridal Gown Sachets

Bridal Pleasures handmade sachets. Fine fabrics and whimsical shapes and signature frangrance. Perfect for centerpieces at bridal shower, and for bridesmaids. Tiny pearl necklaces hang on each hanger. See

Diamond Ring

The ring all set to go
Originally uploaded by Lone07
This is lovely. I can see this ring on my finger, can you? My wedding rings have been gold--one with diamonds, one with a sapphire, one a plain band. White gold is very nice.

Edwardian style sapphire and diamond ring

1.30cts central diamond with half-moon sapphires. Platinum setting.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Diamond Wedding Dress

Take a look. Can you believe this dress is studded in diamonds?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jenna Bush Gets Married

Jenna Bush Gets Married
Originally uploaded by tfrank1980
Lovely lacy dress with draped skirt and train. An outdoor wedding is desirable, and can be pulled off in many parts of the country.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bridesmaid's Bouquet

Mixed flowers in pinks and purples with hosta cuff.

Bridal Bouquet

bridal bouquet
Originally uploaded by bloomsdayflowers
Hosta cuff surrounding roses.

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers
Originally uploaded by avlxyz
Flowers to decorate the reception room.

Purple Theme

bride's bouquet
Originally uploaded by shirley77
Purple roses, white and purple tulips, cream fressia, bear grasses, calla lilies, waxflowers.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Daisy Bouquet

Decorative Flowers
Originally uploaded by Photon-Painter
I love how simple, playful, fresh and full this bouquet is. It's sweet too, for the girl-next-door look. Lots of fun for the down-home bride.

Keywords: bridal bouquet, flowers, daisies, ribbons.

Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes
Originally uploaded by Photon-Painter
Strappy with not too high of heel. And look at the sweet bows. Very feminine. A must for any ultra feminine look.

Keywords: Strappy heels, wedding shoes, love, bride, bows.

Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes
Originally uploaded by Adrian Ziemkowski
Sweet open toed heels with delicate straps. Lovely with the dress and for the wedding night.

Keywords: Wedding shoes, open toed, sequined.

White gold set

Originally uploaded by scoobs1969
Wedding set, romantic diamond, love.

Keywords: Love, commitment, romance

The Rings

The Rings
Originally uploaded by carpe icthus
The grooms ring is shiny on the inside and matte on the outside, because the groom works with his hands. The bride's ring is delicatly carved. Nice set.

Keywords: Wedding rings, nuptials, jewelry

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wedding Corset

Wedding Corset
Originally uploaded by vvvulpea
Wedding corset, lacing up requires helpers. The brides' maid are just right for this job.

Keywords: Bride's maids, dressing, corsets, wedding gown

Wilted Bride

Wilted Bride (6)
Originally uploaded by Special
Slip with corset top. Just right for those off the shoulder gowns and gives a smooth line beneath the dress.

Keywords: Bridal Gown, under garments, slip with corset top.

Wilted Bride

Wilted Bride (8)
Originally uploaded by Special
A corset of satin and ribbon string.

Keywords: Corset, Bride's under garments, wedding gowns

Bridal Gown

Bridal Gown, corset top
Originally uploaded by giyorg
Corset top on the Bridal Gown with lovely embrodered flowers. Sold at the Elegant Occasions in Wisconsin. Merrimax

Keywords: Corset Top, Bridal Gown

Wedding dress and gloves

Originally uploaded by WeddingChaos
Here is another lovely dress with embroidered bodice and gloves with the top edge embrodered the same. The diagonal decoration looks rather queenly.

Keywords: Bride, gloves, wedding gown

Wedding Carriage

Originally uploaded by WeddingChaos
Did you ever imagine a fairytale wedding? If you did and if you could have anything you wanted, would you ride away in a wedding carriage? Wonderfully romantic, don't you think?

Keywords: Wedding carriage, orange flowers, fairytale.


Originally uploaded by WeddingChaos
This is a beautiful gown with a bias gather creating a pucker of folds that are feminine and flattering. The fitted bodice has tiny gathers to fit closely to the torso.

Keywords: Wedding Dress, Diagonal gathers, fitted bodice.

Satin Gloves

It's not every bride that wears satin gloves, but the more formal wedding calls for gloves, and the bride will look divine.

Keywords: Wedding, Satin gloves, Ribbon Roses, wedding rings

Cake and Roses

The Finished Product
Originally uploaded by showlola1980
Beautiful layere cake with pink roses.

Keywords: Cake, Buttercream, beaded icing, White cake.

Wedding Cake with Orchids

Wedding Cake with Orchids
Originally uploaded by JodyAgIII
Wedding cake with lovely green orchids with burgundy centers. The cake is rimmed with beads of frosting and bands of green marzipan.

Keywords: Orchids, White Cake, Wedding Cake, Marzipan

Laura Novak, Bouquet

Laura Novak, Bouquet
Originally uploaded by mnwedding2008
White bouquet with stem wrapping that patterns the bride's shoes.

Keywords: Laura Novak, wedding bouquet, wedding shoes.

Martha Stewart Wedding Bouquet

A dramatic bouquet for the fall wedding. Leaves and catkins and creamy roses.

Keywords: Fall wedding, bride's bouquet, roses, catkins.

Martha Bouquet with love knot ribbons

Martha Stewart Wedding bouquet with love knot ribbons. The flower stems are wrapped in beautiful pink ribbon. This is a elegant bouquet any bride will love.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beaded Wedding Gown

CDF - 623
Originally uploaded by Vespasian Boutique
Lovely white off the shoulders wedding gown. Wear a filmy jacket for an outdoor wedding. The brides hair is pulled back, very romantic.

Keywords: Wedding dresses, Vespasian Boutique

Avril Lavigne

avril lavigne wedding hair
Originally uploaded by sand`g
Lovely lacy dress and romantic wedding hair.

Keywords: Avril Lavigne, Lacy wedding gown, romantic long hair, curls

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dogwood Cake

Dogwood Cake
Originally uploaded by studiocake
Flowers from sugar, what an amazing art. Almost too pretty to eat. This cake could be chocolate or white. It could have a raspberry filling. It is delicious and elegant and with the bride and grooms initial on the side.

Keywords: Wedding Cake, Dogwood Flowers, chocolate cake,

Rose Cake

Originally uploaded by bakingarts
White chocolate plaques with red roses on top. This is elegant and the white chocolate plaques break as you eat the cake. Sensual pleasure for all the guests.

Keywords: White Chocolate, red roses, wedding cake, flowers

Gerbera Cake

Originally uploaded by bakingarts
Summery yellow buttercream with gerbera daisies on top. This cake looks vintage, I can see the wedding in a kitchen with everyone wearing checked aprons. What fun, or in a vintage diner. Milkshakes for the guests.

Keywords: Vintage, gerbera daisies, yellow buttercream
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