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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brilliant Cut Diamond with Double Emeralds

An heirloom brilliant t diamond is set with emerald shoulders. This is a beautiful ring--the new setting making it available to the modern bride.

Keywords: Heirloom diamond, emeralds, modern wedding set, engagement ring

Emerald Cut Ruby

This ring has an emerald cut ruby as the center stone and then step-down baquettes on either side. The band is platinum and 18 ct gold. Very nice art deco design.

Keywords: emeral cut ruby, diamond baquette, wedding ring

Pink Sapphire and Princess Cut Diamonds and matching wedding ring

This engagement ring and wedding ring are a bit unusal and that is good. Who wants to have their wedding set just like someone else. Individuality is a plus. Pick out what your heart wants.

Keywords: Pink sapphire, princess cut diamond, wedding ring, engagement ring.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wedding Program

Every bride could use a wedding program, then your guests won't be confused. Especially if you have a large wedding held in multiple locations. This is an nice design.

Keywords: Wedding program, wedding invitation, bride and groom.

Wedding Invitation

Wedding invite in a classic design. See Anna Malie Design on Etsy. Picking a color skeme is easy, don't be afraid to go for bold, especially during the summer and fall.

Keywords: Fashion design, wedding invitations, wedding, modern, classic.

Windy Day

This is fun, she's happy even with the wind blowing her veil. She has a lovely strapless gown and pearls. Traditional and classic. Romantic and playful.

Keywords: Windy day, bridal veil, bridal gown, pearls, wedding

Bride's Veil

Sweet ring of flowers wrapping the brides up-do. The veil falls down her bare back, very pretty and traditional.

Keywords: brides veil, bride's hair, wedding hair, french knot

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bridal Veil

I'm not personally attracted to this look, but I think with a modern gown, say red? Or gray with red trim, shorter with vintage black shoes, could be very cool.

Keywords: Cool veil, modern bride, red dress

Bridal Headpiece

This is lovely, the netting over the face. Very demure and sweet. I like the secretiveness of the veil. With the hair up, dangling earrings work. This bride wears a lace edged strapless gown.

Keywords: Lace, veil, netting, bridal headpiece, demure bride

Cute Hair

Here is a good do if you want to wear a veil and you don't want to have your hair done up. This is a simple look yet elegant for the girl-next-door look.

Keywords: Wedding hair, cute hair, short hair, bridal veil, bride, marriage

Short wedding do

This is sweet and not too fancy. I like the pulled up side with the flowers. This do is nice with the bride's profile and looks good with the strapless satin gown. Blonde highlights for a modern look.

Keywords: Wedding hair, possible wedding hair, short do, flowers, cut flowers, bare shoulders,neckline

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chignon with Veil

This simple classic do is easy to wear and the tiny veil slips right in with a comb. The pearls on the brides neck accent her stunning profile.

Keywords: possible wedding hair, chignon, twisted hair, veil, wedding hair

Pretty Wedding Hair

Possible wedding hairdo, slightly messing, falling out a bit, looks romantic with the lacy dress. Good on a bride with longish hair.

Keywords: Wedding hair, Possible wedding hair, slighly messy do

Bridesmaids and Fall Flower Bouquet

Fall wedding, with brown dresses and orang and yellow and fushsia flowers. The wedding ceremony on an Indian Summer day, very lovely indeed.

Keywords: Indian Summer, Wedding ceremony, fall bouquet, fall flowers, bridesmaids.

Bridal Bouquet Classic Nosegay

You can take the ivy out of your bouquet and root it by placing the cutting in water. My mother-in-law did this for me and she told me that when the ivy continued to grow that was a good sign of longevity in the marriage. Mine grew for years.

Keywords: Classic Nosegay, Bridal Bouquet, Silk Flowers,

Calla Lilies in Fall Bouquet

Isnt' this sumptuous. I'd pick red roses and callas anyday. Nice flowing lines and intense color to go with a satin gown. Good contrast.

Keywords: Contrast, red roses, callas, wedding bouquet, fall bridal bouquet

Wedding bouquet

More great fall colors. This is an elegant bouquet. I love the colors and the fullness of the bouquet. This would look good with tangerine bridesmaid dresses.

Keywords: Bridesmaid dresses, bouquet, fall colors

Wedding bouquet

Yellow and brown flowers, elegant freesia, tulips anc chocolate cosmos. Good colors for fall.

Keywords: wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet, freesia, cosmos, tulips.

Wedding Car

We used to have a Chrysler New Yorker that looked like this. I love those suicide doors. Fancy.

Keywords: wedding car, weddings, marriage, flowers

Pontiac 1947 Wedding Car

This Pontiac is a 1947 and used for the bride and groom to drive away from their wedding.

Keywords: Wedding, brides, vintage car, wedding cars

Wedding car

Here's a cute little wedding car, a Fiat 400. Is there room enough in there for the dress?

Keywords: Fiat, wedding car, wedding, marriage, bride and groom

Cool Wedding Car

What is this little car? What a fun way to drive away from the church.

Keywords: Wedding car, torquoise car, tiny car

1930's Convertible Beauford Wedding Car

Leave the church in style.

Keywords: Convertible Beauford Wedding Car. 1930s car to roll you away to your honeymoon hotel.

Keywords: cars, weddings, marriage, wedding cars, limos

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


How will you drive away from your wedding?

Keywords: Citrone, wedding car, DS, Brautpaar-transportmittels

Carla Bruni

Nuptials of the rich and famous. It's intriquing, these celebrity lives.

Keywords: Carla Bruni, weddings, celebrity, famous, romance

Red Bag for Unique Wedding

If you wore a gray dress, or a black on, here is the accent. Why not break with tradition. Do as you wish. Red handbag with flower and fluff, what could be more fun.

Keywords: Red handbag, wedding bags, clutch, weddings, marriage, bridesmaid

Ribbon Tied Clutch Bags

This is beautiful fabric and the ribbon is romantic. For more bags see

Keywords: Handbags, bridal bags, clutches, possible bridesmaid bag

Vintage-look Bridal Bag

This is sweet, a vintage-like look, with crochet and silk and lace.

Keywords: bridal bag, bridesmaids' bags, vintage handbags, purse, clutch, bride, wedding

Vintage Beaded Bridal Bag

Here is a good example of a vintage bag. Some, say the 50s, aren't as pricey. Go to the local antique store, the ones with booths have better prices, also look in the cases. Teardrop dangles, iridescent sequins, beads.

Keywords: sequins, beads, teardrop dangles, wedding clutch, vintage bridal purse, purse, beaded bags

Bridal Reticule

White, ivory, ecru with silk flowrs, Glass pearls and Swarovski crystals. Have a friend knit this for you. You will have an heirloom to pass down.

Keywords: Bridal reticule, bridal handbag, clutch, bride, flowers, weddings

Beaded Handbag

Who says it has to be white? I love beaded bags, you can find vintage ones that are tiny and sweet, just fit over the wrist.

Keywords: bridal handbag, beaded purse, black beads, bride, wedding, marriage

Wedding Handbag

I love this purse and the big flower is perfect. A bride needs to keep a few things near by, not with her during the wedding of course, she has her hands full with the bouquet.

Keywords: Bouquet, wedding handbag, purse, bride, marriage, wedding

Wedding Bag

A wedding bag for the bride. Little rings for fun. Keep mints and tissue and lipstick, a tiny mirror, and aspirin.

Keywords: marriage, wedding, wedding handbag, bride

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Now for the romantic wedding, a handmade bag with satin roses could be just the ticket. Romance for the bride who likes the lace and satin and tulle. Sumptuous. For more bags and bridal caps, gloves, etc. see

Keywords: Romanitic wedding, handmade bag, satin roses, lace roses.

Lacy Cuff

A very pretty and romantic lacy cuff, like a glove, but more like jewelry.

Keywords: Lacy cuff, romance, bride, marriage.


A tea stained tulle skirt. Very romantic with corset or jacket.

Keywords: Romance, wedding, marriage, corset, Jacket, Tulle skirt.

Bridal Lingerie

This is a slimming undergarment, not the lace and satin, but very pretty.

Keywords: undergarments, slimming corset, corset, bridal lingerie.

Wedding Corset

Everything underneath will be satin and lace. The gloves a final touch, the stockings hooked with garters, the corset, an essential.

Keywords: Corset, Gloves, Stockings, Garters, Bra


Look at all the fabric that went into this brides gown and veil. Very sumptuous. I love the veil.

Keywords: Vintage bride, vintage dress, wedding gown, marriage, wedding.

Careful Preparation

It takes careful preparation to get all the details of the wedding perfect. And there will be something, just a little thing perhaps that will go wrong, but don't worry--no one will know but you. Or perhaps you wedding planner will know. These long gloves are elegant and the bride who wears a slim-fitting straight gown will be the one who takes the breath away.

Keywords: wedding gown, formal gloves, jeweled necklace, wedding

Tiffany Ring

Wow, wow, wow. Does the Tiffany ring make you smile. This is a beautiful ring for the modern bride, and there are other choices too. Citrine, Labradorite, Moissanite, Fire Opal, Tanzanite/

Keywords: Wedding ring, bride and groom, wedding, marriage, precious stones, diamonds


Tanzanite, for the bride who wants to add something blue. Moissanite out shines any diamond and it is simulated. Fire Opal in an orange/red color--good for a fall wedding.

Keywords: wedding stones, wedding rings, diamonds, Tanzanite, Moissanite.

Wedding Hat

My Fair Lady hat for the truly daring bride. This hat with a simple dress will make for a stunning bride. The wedding theme could be Churchill Downs and have all the women wear hats. Christian Garcia produces hair combs that are considered art. Combs and hats, go for it.

Keywords: My Fair Lady hat, Hair combs, Christian Garcia, Churchill Downs, theme wedding.

Wedding Gloves

South Carolina bride wears a tiara and gloves. She looks angelic with her jeweled necklace chocker and her strapless gown.

Keywords: Southern Bride, gloves, rings, tiaras, wedding gowns, marriage, wedding.

Brilliant Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

For engagement ring ideas and to purchase see "Keep thee only unto him/her, so long as you both shall live."

Keywords: Brilliant Cut Diamond, Engagement rings, wedding, marriage

Celtic Sapphire Engagement Ring

Oval Ceylon sapphire set in platinum ring with 1 pt diamonds accenting pattern. Beautiful and if you are Irish, uniquely you.

Keywords: Irish, Celtic design, Ceylon sapphire, Engagement ring

Latvian Wedding Socks

Based on the symbols used on engagement rings, this knitted sock is for the groom.

Keywords: Socks, knitting, handmade socks, weddings, marriage

Black Sea Wedding Sock

See Fancy Feet by Anna Zilboorg.

Keywords: Knitting, wedding socks, marriage, bride-to-be

Bridal Kneehighs

This photo was taken in jest, but why not accent your look with whimsical socks. There are lovely little tights you can buy that have fun printed patterns. Many shoe stores carry them.

Keywords: Bridal socks, weddings, marriage, footwear, bride and groom

Wedding Socks is a source for yarn. I like this idea, lacy socks with the sweet black shoes. Very cute. Have some fun on your wedding day.

Keywords: Wedding socks, knitting, lacy sock pattern, black pumps
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