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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Destination Wedding

The Ridge Tahoe Resort Beautiful wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses.

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Bali Wedding

Photo Credit: Whoalse by Allen

Where will you wed? Can you manage a destination wedding? Wouldn't Bali be fabulous?

Keywords: destination wedding, Bali Wedding, bride and groom

Beautiful Bride

Photo credit: Prasanth Photography

Keywords: Indian Wedding Saree,‎

Omni Puerto Aventuras Wedding Photos

Where will you wed? Could a destination wedding be your life dream? Check out Omni Puerto Aventuras in the Mayan Riviera.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Red Wedding Gown pretty. Are you brave enough to wear color at your wedding. Photo by RichardBH. Bride surrounded by her parents. Time to break tradition?

Keywords: myweddingplace, red wedding gown, parents of bride,

Rose Cupcakes

Photo by Clever Cupcakes

Red velvet cupcakes in re liners topped with red strawberry buttercream. Don't these look beautiful? And yummy!

Keywords: cupcakes, wedding cake, cake topper, bride & groom

Mehndi Design

Photo by Hanif Omar Photography/Design


Keywords: red wedding, wedding Mehndi, South Asian Wedding

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Spring Yellow Bridesmaid Gowns

Photo credit: Katsu Nojiri

What are you wedding colors. I like pale yellow fro spring. Who will do your photos? Where will you have your hair done? Be sure to plan way ahead for anyone you want to hire.. Have fun!

Keywords: bridesmaids, groomsman, bride, groom, flower girl.

Winter Wedding

Pale blue is a great color to use to accent a winter wedding. I always think of snow and stars and sparkle lights, silver and pale blue and white. It's austere and peaceful...very nice.

Photo credit, Laura Dye
Keywords: winter wedding, wedding colors, blue & white, bridal gown, bridesmaid gown.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Weddings in the Maldives

A destination wedding can happen on a white sand beach. Isn't this beautiful. Or it can happen close to home...a lake, a river, a saltwater beach. See Photo by nattu

Keywords: Destination wedding, bride and groom, honeymoon

Vintage Wedding Gown

You could use your mother's gown or you could shop vintage stores. Here's a link to Etsy for vintage shoes and clothing. Photo by Karrie Nodalo.

Keywords: myweddingplace, wedding flowers, dried roses, vintage wedding.

Sarah Elvin Photography

Beautiful collage of wedding images. Book you photographer a year in advance. Here is the address for this UK photographer

Keywords: wedding photography, weddings, wedding shoes, bridal flowers.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Trash the Dress

Some brides want to have their gowns cleaned and boxed up to store in the attic. Other brides want to have another photo shoot and go for the adventure, run in the ocean, lie on a railroad track, take a swim n a lily pond. Perhaps investing in a super cheap dress for this event would be a good idea. What do you think?

Photo by Michelle Hayes
Keywords: wedding gown, wedding dress, trash the dress, photography, wedding photos

Bridesmaid Flowers

White roses and tulips. Beautiful, the contrast. I think these colors would work for a winter wedding. I'm so impressed, I'm going with black dresses for my next wedding's bridesmaid gowns. Photo by Kevin Dooley

Keywords: Bridesmaid gowns, wedding flowers, wedding, bride and groom, winter wedding.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wedding Flowers

Beautiful...perhaps a summer wedding at the beach?

Photo by Laura K adeptmagic
Keywords: wedding flowers, weddings, bridal bouquet

Wedding Party

A nice shot of the bride and groom, the brides maids too. I love that fushia color. Lovely. And the brooch detail...very pretty.
Photo by Kevin Stachfield

Keywords: wedding Party, wedding gowns, bridesmaid gowns, wedding colors

Wedding Flowers

Beautiful bouquet photographed by Lori Photography. Pick your florist early as wedding get booked up long in year out for some. And decide on a color theme...this doesn't have to be hard. The season can influence your choice. This bouquet is spring or summer...don't you think?

Keywords: wedding photography, Wedding flowers, Lori Photography

Wedding Hair

Sweet, curly and lovely for the bride. I like the hair ornament rather than a veil. Photo by Nuno Duarte.

Keywords: wedding hair, wedding accessories, weddings, winter wedding, bride

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Magical Bride with Bubbles

This is a beautiful shot, magical, the bubbles add to the mystery of it all. Love the fairy gown. Credit: Mart Veronica

Keywords: wedding photography, woodsy setting, bridal gown, wedding gown.

Rose Topper

Beautiful cake topped in roses. Blooms A Million creation. Yellow and Blue work well on this cake.

Keywords: Wedding colors, wedding cake topper, weddingcake, Blooms A Million

Cake Topper.

Cake toppers can be playful or traditional. Here is one by Holly Leihghanne. Very sweet.

Keywords: wedding, cake toppers, bakeries, wedding cakes, Fred Meyer Bakery,

Monday, October 14, 2013

The First Cut

This is a big cake! Imagine moving it to the reception hall. I love the flowers between the layers. Pretty colors too. Photo by Anthony van Dyck

Keywords: wedding cakes, weddings, bride & groom, cake topper, first cut

Fall Wedding cake

Fall wedding cake with modern topper. What flavor cake will you serve. I love chocolate with raspberry filling. You can go to bakeries and taste's fun. Fun by Ewen Roberts

Keywords: wedding cake, fall wedding, bride & groom, wedding toppers

Wedding Cake Humor

Just for fun....
Photo by Kim Marius Flakstad

Keywords: wedding cakes, wedding reception, wedding venue

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trash the Dress

Here is a trend I've been hearing about...trash the dress. So I guess this has to happen after the wedding...or you could get a cheap dress from Goodwill to trash. Have a photographer take shots is all kinds of situations: railroad tracks, in the lake, on a rocky river shore, kayaking, skydiving? You name it. Photo by Kristy Taaffe.

Keywords: wedding gowns, trash the dress, red shoes, covered bridge, bridal gown


Beach Wedding

Perhaps a plan to be wed at the beach is a good idea. Plan ahead and if you don't have an ocean close by, try a lake or a river. There are beautiful venues all over the state and the world. Photo by Sweet Carolina Photography

Keywords: outdoor wedding, destination wedding, bridal gown,

Alfred Angelo Wedding Gown

Here is a pretty gown designed by ALfred Angelo. I personally love more siimple fitted gowns. Puffy and big doesn't do it for me. But then again, I'm more of an outdoorsy girl. I think this is good to consider...what type of person are you. Make your wedding fit your personality. Photo by silvia2772

Keywords: style, weddings, wedding gowns, wedding dresses, designer dresses, Alfred Angelo

Beautiful Wedding Gown

This is a pretty gown. And the color of blue the bridesmaid is wearing is great for a spring, summer or winter wedding. Where will you get hitched? Manito Gardens in Spokane, Washington is lovely. As is Beau Lodge in Bow Washington.  Photo by Trever Bobowick

Keywords: wedding gown, bridal gown, bridesmaid, blue bridesmaid gown.

Ferry Wedding

I think a Ferry Wedding could be fun. Here in the PNW, there are hour long ferry rides...say between Seattle and Bremerton. Or even better, a Ferry to Friday Harbor where you will spend your honey moon. If the WSFS lets you have your ceremony while traveling through the! Photo by Trevor Bobowick

Keywords: my wedding place, summer weddings, ferry ride wedding, bride, bridal gown

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blush Pink Wedding Gowns

More blush pink wedding gowns. Photo compliments of Pixel & Ink Wedding Blog.

Keywords: bridal gown, wedding gown, bride & groom, winter wedding, spring wedding

Blush Pink Wedding Gowns

Photo by Pixel & Ink Wedding Blog

Floral Wedding Gown

Beautiful and feminine. Some prefer less fussy. You have to try on a lot of gowns to find the perfect one...both style and price. When my daughter wed, the attendant at the bridal shot talked her into buy a size larger and they could alter it. That was a mistake. It was too big in the bustline for her. She wore a padded bra. So go with your instinct when ordering the right size gown.

Photo by huitt2012, wedding gowns, bridal gown, wedding dress, bride

Friday, October 4, 2013

Winter Wedding

Will you have a winter wedding? I love the charm of snow and the white roses are wonderful. Accenting with blues and silvers work well for winter weddings. Also winter is described with light. What colors will you choose for your winter wedding.

Winter weddings, bride, bridesmaids, wedding gown, bridal gown. Photo by The Ridge Resorts

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