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Friday, October 31, 2008

Corpse Bride

Happy Halloween, Brides to Be!!!!! Hope you don't look like this on your wedding day.

Black Hair with Birdcage

Black hair with Birdcage

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Curled Amber Pheasant Feathers

Ivory base and birdcage veil. Can be worn as full face or half-face. See

Keywords: birdcage veil, Pheasant feathers, amber, bride, marraige

Retro Bride

Bridal fashion comes in all colors and it's unique to each bride. Here the roses are silk and from Walmart. The birdcae veil, a little vintage hat. Be creative.

Keywords: Unique bride, Walmart, Silk roses, Bridalfashion, Vintage hat

Bride with Birdcage Veil

This photo was taken in New Richmond Wisconsin. This bride is lovely, the pearls, the veil, the lacy gown. A good look for a bride.

Keywords: Birdcage veil, wedding photography, bride, wedding, pearls.

Birdcage Veil

Now here is a veil with a lovely feather decoration. Netting over the face is alluring, the alluring bride. That's what I'll be someday.

Keywords: Birdcage veil, netting, feather and velvet, alluring bride.

Art Deco Wedding

There are many themes to use for your special day--try an Art Deco wedding. The designs of the time were stylized, romantic, boldly designed.

Keywords: Art Deco, Birdcage veil, romantic wedding, bold design

Birdcage Veil

I like the birdcage veil. I think this look is sophisticated. It's another way to go, not so romantic, but more sultry, or up town.

Keywords: Wedding veil, Birdcage veil, sophisticated wedding

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Light Through Veil

Here is a pretty veil with a beaded edge.

Keywords: Brides Veil, Beads, Crystals, Wedding, Marriage


How about the French look. Here's a wonderful hat with veil netting.

Keywords: Bridal Hat, Bridal Veil, French wedding, Algues-Mortes

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pregnant Bridal Gown

This isn't a great shot, but you can see there are some choices out there for the pregnant bride. I think the pregnant belly is lovely and a fitted gown on the right figure would be wonderful. Try on some, see what you think.

Keywords: pregnant bride, bridal gowns, wedding dresses, marriage

Keyley Stevens Designer

Satin wedding dress for the pregnant bride.

Keywords: pregnant bride, wedding dress, white satin.

Belle Epoque Maternity Bridal Gown

Venusian and romantic. THis bridal gown is lovely.

Keywords: Maternity Bridal gown, weddings, pregnancy

Sorbet Bridal Bouquet

These colors are very pretty together. Think out of the color with a pallet that suits you. Your favorite things, it is your day.

Keywords: Roses, color skeme, pallet, bridal bouquet

Mini Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet

Here is that orange color again. I like the ribbon wrapped stem and the glass or crystal beads. this flowersa re beautiful.

Keywords: Orange, Yellow, Bridal bouquet

Green and White Wedding Bouquet

Here we have a lovely bouquet that incorporates a shade of green that would make an lovely accent with lemony colors, or ecru or pink.

Keywords: Wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet, tulips, roses, marriage

Blue and white bridal bouquet

Grape hyacinth and sweet peas, a very fragrant bouquet.

Keywords: Grape hyacinth, sweet peas, fragrant flowers, wedding bouquet

Hydrangea wedding bouquet

Blue is an unusal color in flowers, but the hydrangea comes in many shades, and makes a lovely bouquet.

Keywords: Wedding flowers, hydrangea, bridesmaid flowers, bridal bouquet

Calla Wedding Bouquet

I think the calla is one of the most beautiful flowers. It is curvy and romantic. Think how lovely this style of bouquet would be with your strapless gown.

Keywords: calla lily, lily, wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet

Hotel Bel Air Wedding Flower

Isn't this a fabulous color. A dahlia in orange. Imagine the dresses you could have in orange. Fabulous. Try something new.

Keywords: wedding flowers, flowers, bouquet, bridal bouquet

Monday, October 27, 2008

Red and Yellow Bridal Bouquet

Lora's Floral has put red roses and yellow calla lilies. This bouquet is bright and fun. It would go great with a gray dress. Imagine something contemporary, use yellow and gray for the bridesmaids.

Keywords: Bridesmaid dresses, bouquets, red roses, yellow calla lilies.

Bridal Bouquet with Dasies and Roses

This is sweet and would work well for a spring wedding. I like the gerbera daisies, they're perky and fun. Always brightly colored.

Keywords: Gerbera daisies, perky flowers, wedding flowers

Bridal Bouquet with Tulips

Hand-tied bouquet with bear grass and tulips.

Keywords: Tulips, bear grass, bridal bouquet.

Pretty Pink Posy

Sweet posy bouquet.

Bridal Bouquet

Here is what's called a teardrop bouquet. The roses are "Happy Hour", "Akito", and "Black Baccar". Lovely. And bright red, it's in. Try red bridesmaid dresses.

Keywords: Roses, Black Baccar, Akito, Teardrop Bouquet, Wedding flowers

Peach Rose Buttonholes

Here are roses wrapped with alchimella mollis and viburnum berries. Just right for a lapel.

Keywords: Tuxedo, buttonholes, roses, wedding flowers

Peachy Bouquet

All these roses and beads andd greenery, very sensual and vintage looking.

Keywords: Vintage bouquet, Pink roses, white roses, beads

Bridesmaid Bouquet

Avalanche roses, cream Gracia spray roses, cream double lisianthus and pittosporum foilage. Love and full. Enhance pink dresses or green dresses, or cream colored dresses.

Keywords: Boomsday Flowers, cut flowers, wedding flowers, bridesmaid flowers

Shower Bouquet

Hand tied shower with Vendela roses, cream double lisianthus, and miniatures white callas. Callas are striking in a bouquet. A large bouquet isn't for every bride, but I'd try it if you like lots of flowers. See bloomsdayflowers for more.

Keywords: White callas, Vendela roses, lisianthus, bridal bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

Hosta leaf cuff for soft white flowers. Roses are always good in bouquets, This would do well for a summer or winter wedding.

Keywords: Bridal Bouquet, wedding flowers, bridesmaid bouquets

Friday, October 24, 2008

Krystalia by Hanh Tien

I like this detail, sequines and shiny bobbles. Hanh Tien designs.

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Bike Love Wedding

How about riding off on your bikes after the cermony. Wedding on wheels is a good thing. The bike wedding fits may and you can make it a theme on your invites, your cake, etc.

Keywrods: bike wedding, Lance Armstrong, Wedding toppers, Bikey couple

Vintage-Style Wedding Gowns

If you want to go vintage, here are a few different looks from different eras. I'm thinking the Audrey Hepburn look would work for me. I also like the 50s look and could imagine a wedding done in 50s attire.

Keywords: Vintage wedding, vintage gowns, McCall's Patterns, Audrey Hepburn

Glamorous Gown

Glamorous gown , halter straps, sculped neck, fitted, with small train.

Keywords: Glamorous wedding gown, halter straps, fitted wedding gown

Reem Acra Wedding Dress

Luxurious fabric, deep texture, rich color. Reem Acra gown.

Keywords: designer gown, wedding gown, deep texture

Carolina Herrera Wedding Dress

Why not have a little color. The green leafy desing on the bodice and skirt bring romance to this gown. It is impeccable in it's desing and we can trust Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, since Herrera was her stylist.

Keywords: Jackie O, Carolina Herrera, wedding gowns, Designer gowns, chic

Angel Sanchez Wedding Dress

Here is a beautiful designer dress with an architectural style, contemproay and feminine. See the band of trim at the bust and hemline.

Keywords: Angel Sanchez, Wedding gown, designer wedding gown

Angel Sanchez Wedding Dress

Here is a beautiful designer dress with an architectural style, contemproay and feminine. See the band of trim at the bust and hemline.

Keywords: Angel Sanchez, Wedding gown, designer wedding gown

Wedding Cake

This is phone, feathers and hearts. The color accent is nice too, gold. See and be sure to secure your professional photographer early, six months perhaps. Don't, whatever you do, hire your friend or sister to shoot the photos.

Keywords: wedding photos, professional photographer, color accent, wedding cake

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

St Pucchi Wedding Dress

Stunning with a plunging neckline and folds and folds of satin, this St. Pucchi wedding dress is amazing.

Keywords: St. Pucchi Wedding Dress, Plunging neckline, folds of satin

Monique Lhuilier Finesse Wedding Dress

Here it is, the most beautiful of all, the Finesse wedding gown. Find this gown at

Keywords: wedding dress, Monique Lhuilier, Fenesse, marriage, bride, wedding flowers

Monique Lhuillir Wedding Gown

Lolita Lace wedding dress. This is stunning with the pink sash that could be used as the color for bridesmaids. See for more dresses.

Keywords: Lolita Lace Wedding dress, Monique Lhuillir, marraige, V-neck gown


Wedding gown designed by Hanh Tien. This is a lovely satin gown, with a gathered bow at the back and long train. Very flattering.

Keywords: Hanh Tien, satine wedding gown, train

Calabrese Wedding Gown

This gown is Hanh Tien. It is veyr frilly and gorgeous. Not for everyone, but most would look lovely in this gown.

Keywords: Hanh Tien, wedding gown, designer gown

Spring Wedding

Yellow cake with white flowers, yellow shows, gown with yellow bridal bouquet. I like this look, very springy and fresh.

Keywords: Yellow frosting, white daisies, yellow bridesmaid gown.

Jessica McClintock

Ivory and black dress, damask stensil cake, hydrangeas, white lace buttercream cake with black ribbon, gown by Henri Josef

Keywords: wedding cake, wedding invite, Jessica Mcclintock, Henri Josef

Jessica McClintock

Vintage dress with stunning beaded and applique

Keywords: applique, stunning beadwork, white dress, train

Jordan Bridesmaid Dress

This is stunning, a black satin V-neck halter gown with gathered waist and rhinestone details. I love this look, wiht the long black gloves. Elegant.

Keywords: Black sating V-neck, halter gown, rhinestone details, gloves

Jordan Bridesmaid Dress

This Jordan gown is lovely with its beading down the V-neck to the waist. I love the A-line, it is flattering on all figures. You can have a small torso and bigger hips, and still wear the A-line.

Keywords: A-line bridesmaid dress, red dress, ruched bodice, beading

Jordan Bridesmaid Dress

This lime green dress is made from irridescent taffeta. It is T-length and sashed. I love the pink on the green, it's fun and uplifting.

Keywords: lime green dress, irridescent taffeta, t-length dress
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