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Friday, July 29, 2011

Wedding Cake

Beautiful wedding cake with peach roses. I like these fondant icings with the beaded detail. Very styled and fresh. Photo by Andrew Malone.

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Wedding Cake with Red Roses

See for wedding cakes. This cake is Vanilla Lovers. I can imagine it with raspberry filling. Wedding cake should be tasted at local bakeries--try before you buy. What fun. Also, the cupcake wedding cake is a lot of fun.

Keywords: Wedding cake,, photo by Sugar Daze

Obisashes on Sky Blue

Pretty gowns with wider sashes. Dresses from Lynn Photo from Woman Obsessed.

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Mix and Match Bridesmaids

I love the new look to mix it up. Why have all the dresses match. Perhaps keep it in one hue with many different shades. Or once style, and a couple of colors. Be independent. Let your personality show. Photo by Apium

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Bridesmaid Dress

Nice color and I love the pleats. Pleats enhance any figure. This dress is from Maria's Bridal Designs--from Impression. The photo by _rockinfree.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Bridesmaids in Purple

Pretty color for bridesmaids. Imagine your table settings, purple and white. Purple is a good year around color. Bridal gowns. Bridesmaid gown.

Keywords: Dave Conner photo credit, bridal, wedding, bridesmaids

Beach Wedding

Pretty gown with lacing and scallops. Very pretty wedding hair. Wedding veil nestled in wedding hair.

Keywords: Photo by Kevin Duncan, wedding gowns, bridal gowns, weddings.

Bride and Bridesmaids

Very pretty shade of green. Nice with the purple wedding flowers. Bridesmaid dresses. Lacy wedding gown.

Keywords: Jeff Keen Photo, wedding gown, bridal gown, bridesmaid

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wedding Hair

Wedding by Cameron Nordholm. Wedding held in New Iberia, Louisiana. Destiny wedding. Theme wedding. Southern wedding. Wedding hair and makeup.

Beautiful Bride

What a pretty dress. I love the netting veil. Very pretty bride. Wedding by Cameron Nordholm.

Keywords: wedding photo, wedding gown, bridal gown, bridal veil, photo by Cameron Nordholm

Wedding Photography

Photo by Massimo.
Think about your colors--do you like pastels, earth colors, blues & greens? What time of year will you hold your wedding. What is your favorite color?

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Wedding Photography

Photo by Massim

Pretty bouquet with gerbera daisies, roses, wedding flowers.  Flowers for the bride.
Keywords: wedding bouquets, bridal gown, wedding gowns, bride and groom, wedding jewelry.

Wedding Updo

Photo by Nuno Duarte. Very pretty wedding hairdo. I love the soft curls, the hair detail, this pretty brides simplicity of gown.

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beautiful Bride

I love this brides look--simple and feminine and pure. The braid in her hair and the band of flowers and pearls, very sweet. See Lori Photography for your wedding.

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Pretty Up-do

Photo by Lori Photography. How will you wear your hair. Have you found a stylist. Get a pre-wedding trail do for safety sake.
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Bride and Groom in Rose Garden

Get married at Seattle's Woodland Park Rose Garden. Photo by Lori Photography
Keywords: wedding venues, North Fork Beer Shrine, Rose garden, Manito Garden, Bow Wedding Chapel

Bride and Mother

Pretty gown and bridal hair. Champagne satin detail at brides waist.  Mother's gown had rouching at waist too.  Very pretty bridal gown.  Mother of Bride's gown. Photo by Lori Photography.

Bridesmaid with Umbrella

Photo by Lori Photography  Very pretty gown.  Red is good for fall, winter, and summer weddings.  Pretty pleated satin bridesmaid gown.  Parasols add beautiful detail to your wedding and they serve a purpose, keep the sun off the lovely bride and her maids.

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