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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wedding Portrait

Lovely embroidered gown. Wedding hair, simple but elegant.

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Wedding Portrait

Cute, the dog wearing a bow tie. Very nice gown, simple, nice lines. Photo by Anthony van Dyck.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bridal Hair

Here is some beautiful hair. If you find a good stylist book earlier. I have to book more than a month ahead to get in with my avoid mistakes and plan early. Photo by Bark

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See for wedding hair tutorials.

Davids Bridal

Red gown with ruching across the midsection, a slimming look for all figures. Beautiful shade of red for year around weddings.

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Jessica McClintock Gown

This is a beautiful color, sable, good year around. Also good for a fall wedding or winter wedding. Photo by Franklin Park Library.

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Classic picture by Woobunch. I love this setting. If you have a venue that's classic, great. If not, perhaps a museum or classic home would be a good place to take wedding photos.

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Bride with Red Roses

This is a simple look that I think makes for ease at the wedding. A bouquet of wedding roses, simple jewelry, and a classic gown. Bride has long wedding hair, a simple do.

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