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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wedding Invitations

UglyKitty Stationery. For your needs, try letterpress, local or via the web.

Keywords: MyUglyKitty, letterpress, wedding invitations

Wedding Invitations

Handmade invitations by UglyKitty. For more designs, Google.

Keywords: wedding invitations, letterpress, handdesigned invites

Wedding on a Farm

Sarah Parrott's wedding invitations. Very sweet, with country theme. What is your style? What are your colors? Don't make this difficult, just use what you love.

Keywords: birdwedding, farmwedding, wedding invites

Mt. Hood Timberline Lodge Wedding

Get married on top of a mountain. for ideas.

Keywords: Mt.topwedding, Mt Hood, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker

Doggie Ring Bearer

Kruger's farm wedding. Wonderful--outdoors, full of complex scents. The dog's the ring bearer, the filed behind, the tractor. Why not marry where you live?

Keywords: farmwedding, ringbearer, weddings, farmland

Indian Wedding

In Penang, Malaysia, the traditional Indian wedding, including the natural dye of native plants.

Keywords: weddings, Indianweddings, Malaysia wedding

Indian Wedding

In Penang, Malaysia, cows lead the caarriage for the bride and groom's wedding.

Keywords: Indianwedding, Cows, weddingcarriage, horse & carriage

Monday, June 29, 2009

Flower Girl Dress

Wow, this is fancy. Flowers in the hair too. Very sweet.

Keywords:flowergirl, flower girl dress, weddingdress, wedding flowers

The Wedding Party

Very pretty flower hairbands. Love the focus here.

Keywords: weddingflowers, hairflowers, weddinghair, weddings

Wedding Hair

Give yourself plenty of time to do your hair. I did my friends hair and it was nip and tuck with the wedding photographers. People kept coming in and asking questions. The bride was distracted, etc. Maybe have quiet time for the hair.

Keywords: weddinghair, weddings, bridalhair,

Shoes & Bouquet

Think what you might want to remember later. Everyone is different, but a shot of the shoes and bouquet, the cake, the bridesmaid flowers, the rings, the place settings--you just never know. Take a lot of pictures. Put disposible cameras on each table.

Keywords: weddingshoes, bridalshoes, weddingflowers, bridal bouquet

Cutout Wedding Shoe

Wonderful wedding shoe. Cutouts very pretty on the foot.

Keywords: weddingshoe, bridalshoes, weddingdress

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wedding Cake

How about a heart-shaped cake. For a small wedding, you don't need much. Try white icing wiht blue flower--in Mexico, on the beach. Simple. Romantic.

Keywords: weddingcake, romanticwedding, heart-shaped cake

Pretty Wedding Shoes

These are sweet, very feminine and sparkly. Try lots of shoes because you will be on your feet for some time.

Keywords: weddingshoes, bridalshoes, weddings

Carvela Slate

Aren't these pretty, and high heels. If you are a bride who will be walking on grass, be fure to wear a heel that has a wider base.

Keywords: weddingshoes, bridalshoes, high heels, weddings

Texas Wedding

Details from a Texas wedding. Be sure to include memorialbilia in your wedding photos and scrapbook. You'll be happy you did.

Keywords: wedding photography, pink wedding shoes, the bride

Wedding Photography

Pretty colored bridesmaid dresses--and sweet layout for your wedding photos. See LifeAsArtPhotograhy for your photo needs

Keywords: weddingphotography, weddings, fuschia bridesmaid dresses

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Autumn Bouquet

You can mix color from a distance, so if you want orange and don't find the flowers you want, put a yellow flower next to a red flower and from a distance the eye will mix it to orange. It's just the way it is.

Keywords: weddings, orange flowers, weddingcolor, Details of the Day

Flame Calla

Simple bouquet of three flame calla lilies, very dramatic against the complimentary color blue. You can do this at your wedding. Use the complimentary color for vibrancy. Here they are: red/green, blue/orange, yellow/purple. Have fun!

Keywords: wedding flowers, complimentary colors, bridesmaid bouquets

Fall Roses

Don't you love the feel of fall, the warmth of the sun, though more distant, but soothing. And the smells have changed, dried leaves and grass, and lovely bridesmaids in black in a park. Here with Black magic, terra acotta, estelle, sunny leonitus and leonitus roses. Beautiful.

Keywords: weddings, weddingflowers, black bridesmaid gowns, Fall wedding

Flame Calla Lilies

The bride is carrying a large bouquet of flame calla lilies, tulips, freesia, and hypericum. Very pretty.

Keywords: yellowroseoftexas, flame calla, hypericum

Hula Flower Girl

Orange lei of carnation flower heads. She dropped small sea shells as she walked down the aisle.

Keywords: orange flowers, hawaiian wedding, hula flower girl, lei

Beautiful Orange Bouquet

Orange roses, gerbera daisies, tulips, hydrangea and calla lilies. This birde also honored her grandparents with five white memorial roses. Very sweet.

Keywords: wedding flowers, bridalbouquets, orangeflowers, weddings

Orange Bouquet

This is nice, each bridesmaid carrying a different bouquet, all in shades of orange. There you are, the refreshing new color: orange. So many shades and hues--peach is good, so is coral and I love the rust calla.

Keywords: wedding flowers, color theme, weddingcolors, potential colors

Friday, June 26, 2009

Little Flower Girl

Very sweet little flower girl with a garland of orchids topping her curls.

Keywords: weddingflowers, flowergirl, orchid garland, weddings


Would you ride away on a stallion from your wedding? Why not? Certainly if you are a horse woman, you could do this. The rest of us, could be risky.

Keywords: horsewoman, wedding bareback, stallion, weddings

Wedding Hair

Beautiful and classic. The bride's hair is pulled back, pinned with flowers, and the long on the left. Very feminine and classic.

Keywords: weddings, weddingflowers, weddinghair, bridalhair

Beautiful Gown

Here's a gown to die for . PHotographed by Ryan Brenizer. Very nice.

Keywords: wedidnggown, wedding photogrpahy, Ryan Brenizer, beautiful bride

Ceremony at Markham Civic Centre

Lovely Chinese bride, wonderful makeup, simple necklace, veil and hair style.

Keywords: weddinghair, weddings, Chineses bride, wedding makeup

Bride's Bouquet

Beautiful, peonies and calla liles. Very pretty with the accent of yellow and the shiney salal leaves. What are your favorite flowers. i'm partial to gardinias.

Keywords: wedding flowers, bridal bouquet, bridesbouquet

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nature's Bride

Rayan Brenizer and Max Khokhlov photograph a beautiful bride. Very pretty.

Keywords: black&whitephotography, wedding shoot, weddingphotos

Dressed to Rock

Hiking boots for after the wedding. I, as the mother of the bride, changed into tennis shoes. Whatever will keep you comfortable as you party on through the night.

Keywords: weddings, weddingshoes, weddingreception, weddingflowers

The Cake

This is a great shot and what a pretty cake.

Keywords: weddingcake, weddings, weddingbands, weddingflowers

Letterpress Announcement

Isn't this pretty. Imagine your color theme is orange and ecru. Or if you are marrying in the fall, orange and brown. Looking into letterpress designs and printing for your wedding.

Keywords: Mirabel Press, 6 or Four Photography, wedding invitations

Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Here's a classic looking invite done on a letterpress. Look into your local presses for unusal designs. This is by Mirabel Press.

Keywords: letterpress, mirablepress, 6or Four, weddinginvitations

Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Beautiful letterpress invites from Mirabel Press.

Keywords: wedding invites, press designs, MirablePress

Wedding Invite

Accordian fold invitation with twine closing. Handmade paper and circle decoration.

Keywords: sidekick design, wedding invitations, handmade paper

Wedding Invite

Accordian fold invitation with twine closing. Handmade paper and circle decoration.

Keywords: sidekick design, wedding invitations, handmade paper

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grand Ballroom - Plaza Hotel

The Today Show is giving their new wedding couple a reception at the Grand Ballroom at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. If you live in the city, this could make for an elegant reception.

Keywords: reception, Grand Ballroom, Plaza Hotel

Jefferson Street Mansion

In Benicia, California, you can have your wedding and reception at Jefferson Street Mansion. A fancy wedding will work nicely here with "Soiree" Cake and simple elegant table settings. Menu cards and favors. A ring pillow with black lace. Beautiful outdoor ceremony.

Keywords: wedding reception, www.jeffersonstreetmansion. com, weddingtable, wedding flowers


Big wedding cake with lots of gold decorations. Smooth buttercream icing piped in repeating scrolls. Gilded with edible gold. "Black Magic" roses with berries and presented on gold plateau.

Keywords: wedding cake, edible gold, piped scrolling, "Black Magic" roses

Vineyard Wedding

Wine-themed event with edible gold ckae, lawn balloons, cork namecards, wondrous crystal and flower centerpiece. See more at glassslippergourmet.wordpress. com

Keywords: vineyardwedding, placecards, wedding cake, centerpieces

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wedding Cupcake Tower

Carrot, chocolate mud, and lemon cupcakes. Each cupcake was placed in a pink box for guests to take home as a favor at the end of the wedding. Fresh flowers as teh caketopper. www.gracescakes@blogspot. com

Keywords: wedding cupcakes, weddingcake, weddings, bridalgown, caketoppers

Orange Wedding

Orange is a hot wedding color right now. I love it with the maroon bridesmaid gowns. It would be pretty with yellow and with ecru. Not everyone can wear orange, so perhaps not the bridesmaid dresses. Peach would work, however.

Keywords: Springwedding, summerwedding, fall wedding, orange themed wedding

Pink Shoes

Why not wear a colored shoe, perhaps the color theme you use for your flowers and bridesmaid dresses. This will tie together your wedding, invites are pink, shoes are pink, bridesmaid dresses pink, flowers on the tables: Pink.

Keywords: colortheme, colors, weddingcolors, bridal shoes

Wedding Hair

The natural look is the best, I think. The girl next door, with the plainer dress, the simple hair and makeup. My daughter wore her hair, shoulder length in a flip. It was very pretty and simple.

Keywords: wedding gowns, flip, hairstyle, weddinghair, bridalhair

Big Apple Bride (NYC, March 2009)

Seen from across the street from Madison Square Park. On her way to the wedding? Cute.

Keywords: wedding gown, BigApple, NYC, bridal gown

Monday, June 22, 2009

Zapatos de Boda Wedding Shoes

Here you go. Fancy shoes to go with your gown. Imagine a red gown, or a gown the color of the bows on these shoes. Satin would be nice.

Keywords: Zapotos de Boda, weddinghshoes, weddingheels, possible bridal shoes

Wedding Topper Sedarby Manolo Shoe

This is funny, for the cake. But imagine wearing Manolo for your wedding. Not a bad choice in footwear.

Keywords: weddings, weddingshoes, weddingcake, caketopper

Red Shoes

Here is a good look, a black bridesmaid dress with red shoes. Imagine the bouquets being red roses. Stunning.

Keywords: Red shoes, weddingshoes, weddingphotogrpahy, bridesmaidshoes

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- I Corinthians 13:13

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