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Friday, December 30, 2011

Beautiful Church

I love these painted churches. There is one in Hawaii that would be a beautiful place to get married I like the balloons here. Why not go to the Seattle Wedding Show and check out all the bridal gowns in person at Washington State Convention Center, Saturday 1/7/2012

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Braided Straps

Very pretty dress and hair braids repeat pattern. I like the elegance of this and its femininity. The gold necklace is very pretty, simple, elegant.

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2011. "The Romance of Youth" White Gown

Very pretty bodice on this wedding gown. The back of this wedding gown is open. Fashion Designer: Michelle Hebert fashion, photo by Aileen Luib.

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Dama de Honra

This is a beautiful corset tied dress. I love the rose embroidered details. Very pretty, layers of tullie and red ribbon. Wedding gown, wedding dress, maid of honor gown.

Keywords: Picture by Rafael Kage, wedding dress, bridesmaid dress.


I like the color of these gowns, rust-orange with a thin black belt. Nice little rhinestone detail on the belt. Strapless. Very pretty for a summer or fall wedding. Bridesmaid gowns are full length. What is your color palette?

Keywords: Bridesmaids gowns, wedding dresses, Photo by Jacky W.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Bride Ready

Beautiful gown pucker-gathered. Beautiful hair, with ornament.

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Robin's Egg Blue Gown

This is a very pretty color for Bridesmaid dresses. You could use white or pink flowers too. Photo by Kevin Duncan Prophoto.CA.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Brides Chair Sign

What a great idea. Check out

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Peacock Feather Wedding Menu

See 2bsquared Designs for your lovely cards.

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Wedding Invitations

Send out a hold the date card and later your wedding invite. Have them designed early and get them printed early so you don't have a time crunch at the end. These tiffany blue and gold wedding invites: Anita Brown, 2bsquared designs.

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Bridesmaid's Gown

Gorgeous, wouldn't you love this for a summer or fall wedding? So bright and cheery. Love the flowers: roses, daisies, mums. And the gown--wow.

Keywords: photo by Erica Cassella, bridesmaid dress, bridal party.

Beautiful Bride

I love the bride's wrapped tullie gown, slimming and luscious and feminine. And this bride's bouquet, simple and beautiful. What flowers will you choose for your wedding?

Keywords: wedding flowers, bridal bouquet, bridal flowers, tullie gown, Photo Nicholas Putz.

Bridemaids' Dresses

The color blue, deep as the dark waters of sea, beautiful, luscious, elegant. Rouching and pleats, very nice to mix up the styles for your wedding. Try color palette that will set your wedding apart.

Keyword: myweddingplace, bridesmaid dresses, fall wedding, winter wedding, photo by Nicholas Putz

Bridesmaid Dress

I love this color, Sable. This color would be great for a fall or winter wedding. I think even spring could work, early spring with pale green flowers. Bridesmaid dresses can be mixed styles, consider this for your wedding.

Keywords: Photo by Clared23, bridesmaid dresses, wedding dress, fall wedding, winter wedding

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Obisashes on Royal Blue

Bridesmaid gowns, blue with white sashes. This color combo would work for spring, or really, any time of year. Photo uploaded by woman obsessed.

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Get Married in Vegas

This is a cute dress, green with pink sash--I might have left off the sash. The dress is pretty with the a-line skirt stitched in layers. Strapless is nice. Bridesmaid dress in green silk.

Keywords: bridemaid dress, Vegas wedding, Wedding gown, photo by Jocelyn Saurini

Yellow for Spring

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor wedding, maybe a summer color--yellow--would be a good accent. Do forget about shades of yellow, very light, lemony, cadmium yellow like the flowers. Wedding party here is waiting for the wedding to start. Photo by anne.baba

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Mermaid Dress

Look at this fun venue, Derham & Worts Limited in the background, distillery District, T.O. and a bride negotiating cracked cement in heels. Wedding gown is your sign--find a good fit and something beautiful.

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Flowers for the Tables

For your wedding meal, little bouquets can be lovely and simple. Here is a rose and a little variegated box. The jar is simple and each table can have a different one. Try something fresh for your spring wedding.

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Red for Your Wedding

Sherrie Hilaire has some fun shots for us. Think of a wedding as a creative act. It's easy to get caught in the regular stuff, and so much more fun to try new things, things you like, such as red shoes, red hats, red flowers, quirky beach things for your beach wedding.

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Taffeta V-neck

Very pretty gown by Inexpensive and a nice fit for all figures. For you wedding day, you want the prettiest dresses. Taffeta swishes, you'll love it.

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