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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Green Cymbidium Orchid Wedding Bouquet

This pretty green and white bouquet will go well with you green and black color theme. The white in this bouquet is dendrobium orchids and seashells.

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Grapes & Vineyard

From, tiny garnet and czech glass beads on a gold chain. Faceted briolette. Very pretty for you special day.

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Fresh Earrings

These pretty earrings are made from freshwater peals and rutilated quartz. All is wraped and hung from sterling silver. See shopangelica for more ideas.

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Black, White & Green Wedding Theme

Escort Cards & Wedding cake (the Knot); green cocktal, green clutch, black bridesmaid gowns (the Knot). What is your color theme? I like this shade of green and think it could go any time of the year. What do you think?

Keywords: myweddingplace, colorpalette, green wedding theme, green cocktail

Flower Girl Dress

Cute little white dress and white basket. Have her toss rose petals the same color as your bouquets, or make it a different color. What ever you like.

Keywords: myweddingplace, rose petals, flowergirl, white flowergirl dress

Black Gown, Orange Callas

I like this idea for fall, or winter. Winter you could accent with red flowers. Here the orange calla makes a great subtle accent color.

Keywords: myweddingplace, orange and black palette, wedding colors, fall wedding, blackbridesmaid gown

Fall Wedding Flowers

Here's a nice color combo for fall--complimentary colors. If you choose across the color wheel, the compliments will add power to your color palette. Blue and orange vibrate together, purple and yellow, and red and green too. So go for punch both in the bowl and in your color choices.

Keywords: myweddingplace, fallcolors, fall palette, complimentary colors, bridesmaid gowns, Blue and orange theme

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Studio at Cactus Flower

Here's a lovely fall wedding bouquet, cascading with roses and orchids and amaranth. Lilies for fragrance.

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Fun Wedding Bouquet

Here we have the stems terminated in flowers--crocosmia and zinnias and dahlias, orange fall colors. Keen on this one.

Keywords: weddingflowers, myweddingplace, fall bridal bouquets, The Studio at Cactus Flower

Calla Lily Bouquet

Isn't is great, separating the colors instead of mixing them together. Look at the orchids in with the lilys. Very sweet.

Keywords: weddingbouquet, fallweddings, fallcolorpalette, myweddingplace, The Studio at Cactus Flower

The Studio at Cactus Flower

Fall wedding bouquet in a range of lovely orange hues. For bouquets and boutonnieres see The Studio at Cactus Flower

Keywords: weddingflowers, fallweddings, myweddingplace, bridal bouquet

Acorn Sugar Cookies

A sweet idea for wedding treats. Acorn cookies for the fall wedding. These are chocolate-espresso sugar cookie acorsn, dressed up for fall.

Keywords: Whipped Bakeshop, fallweddingcake, fallweddingcookies

Fall Cookies

An acorn, leaf, squirrel and pear cookie. All are iced with warm autumn hues and sparkling sugar. See Whipped Bakeshop for you wedding cookie needs.

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Falling Leaves Wedding Cake

Isn't this pretty? Textured fresh orange buttercream and handmade fondant leaves on this five-tiered chocolate cake. Orange curd and bittersweet chocolate ganache between the layers. See

Keywords: fallwedding, weddingcakes, fallweddingcake, weddings

Autumn Leaves Invitation

#C59 invitation in burnt orange, green, brown: autumn colors for your wedding or bridal shower. Order from ,

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Orange Tropical Bouquet

Orange and red gloriosa lilies with beuganvilla from The Designers' Co-op.

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Fall Orange Bouquet

Peach roses and cones; bits of dried orange and orange peels, grasses and Japanese Willow foliage. Very nice fall wedding bouquet for the bride with a fall palette.

Keywords: myweddingplace, fall bouquet, bridal bouquet, fall palette, bridesmaids bouquet, maid-of-honor bouquet

Cyclamen Persicum

Buy the bride a cyclamen for good luck in marriage. Take a cutting off the ivy from the bride's bouquet and root it. The bride can keep her ivy growing for years.

Keyword: ivy, bridal bouquet, wedding palette, myweddingplace, bridal bouquet

Wedding Flowers

I'm not sure what kind of flower this is, but it is beautiful and would make a lovely bouquet. Even if this type of flower isn't used, the colors here are nice, yellow and fuschia.

Keywords: myweddingplace, wedding palette, wedding bouquet

Variety in Bridesmaid Dress

Here is a great idea for your fall wedding. Vary the colors of the bridesmaid dresses. Here we have all the fall colors: green, orange, burgandy, brown. What is your color palette?

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Bridal Bouquet Flowers

This is it, your fall colors. Beautiful flowers in oranges--a popular wedding color.

Keywords: Weddings, weddingflowers, orange wedding palette

Fall Wedding Color

What is your color palette? What season will you marry? Summer is nice for cool colors. Warm colors in the fall and winter--or cool blues in the winter. Spring, or course can be yellows and greens, new shoots and the green of swelling buds. Be creative with nature.

Keywords: wedding palette, myweddingplace, weddingcolors

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gardenia Bridal Set

Natural looking handmade silk flowers. Very pretty clips for your wedding do. Late Bloomer studio--see

Keywords: wedding flowers, wedding hair, hairclips, silk flowers

Pink Wildflower

Here is a hairclip made of silk for your wedding hair. Pink wildflower, very pretty. See

Keywords: wedding hair, weddingflowers, hairclips

Bridal Rose Hairclip

Handmade in L.A. Silk flower hair clip by Late Bloomer Studio.

Keywords: hairdo, Rose hairclip, hair, updo, bridal hair

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Wedding Bouquet

Isn 't this lovely, a bouquet of calla lily, rose, orange burgundy berries, lots of nice texture and contrast of shapes.

Keywords: wedding flowers, fallwedding, wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet

Prairie Bouquet

This is a fun idea, the fall grasses and cones and flowers, all in natural colors. Put a bouquet like this pale yellow bridesmaid gowns, or ecru.

Keywords: myweddingplace, wedding bouquets, fall bouquets

Bridesmaids Fall Bouquets

Brown bridesmaid gowns with lovely fall colors: yellow, orange, green, rust. What is your color palette? What is your favorite season. Think ahead to what you love most about the season when you marry and make your colors fit.

Keywords: myweddingplace, color palette, bridesmaid gowns, bridal bouquets

Beautiful Fall Bouquet

Protea pincusuions, hypericum berry, safari sunset sprays. Roses are about love and the red rose accented with peach are fabulous for fall. Let your fall colors shine, in your bouquets.

Keywords: wedding bouquets, fall colors, fall wedding, bridal bouquet

Lovely Chocolate Brown

Very pretty ot have fall bright flowers and chocolate brown gowns. I love this sweetheart neckline.

Keywords: weddinggowns, weddingflowers, fall colors, fallwedding

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Terani Gown

This gown could be a bridesmaid dress or a wedding gown. Very beautiful and fancy. Pretty updo on this model. See Jan's Boutique for more ideas.

Keywords: weddinggowns, bridesmaid gowns, winter wedding

Terani Gown

Beautiful bown gown in shimmery brocade. See Jan's Boutique for more gowns.

Keywords: winterwedding, fallwedding, bridalboutique

Terani Gown

This is a lovely gown and I'd say this taupe color could go for any season. I particularly like the ruffles down the front.

Keywords: wedding gowns, bridalgowns, bridesmaid gowns, jans_boutique

Blue Gown

Nice layers and diagonals, slimming to the waist, shoulders in a boat neck. Very flattering.

Keywords: weddinggown, bridesmaid gown, jans_boutique

Bridesmaid Gown

Here's a good winter color. Try red flowers with gray gown, very nice for the winter solstice wedding.

Keywords: myweddingplace, winter weddings, bridemaid gown

Terani Gown

Here is a beautiful blue gown with a lacy top. If you are getting married in the winter, consider this shade of blue, as winter has this color in the sky and mountains. Pastel is a winter color.

Keywords: winter palette, winterwedding, wintersnow, jans_boutique

Bridesmaid Gown

Beautiful fall brown in a shimmery taffata-like velvety fabric. What is your color palette? Will you be married in the fall? If so, do you choose from the rich natural tones of the season, or go with some grays and pinks?

Keywords: weddingpalette, weddings, bridesmaid gown

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wedding Shoes

Very nice shot--a bride waiting and resting for her big day. This photo is by Caroline Tran

Keywords: myweddingplace, wedding photography, wedding shoes


Wedding shoes that will work for other occasions are a good idea. Here a pretty sparkle-detail.

Keywords: All Black, Hush Puppy

Red Shoes

Every bride should wear beautiful shoes. Why not red?

Keywords: wedding shoes, Kenneth Cole, Ruthie Davis, Brooks Brothers

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wedding Updo

Stepfie Jones, makeup artist and hair sylist. Nice updo with lots of curls, straight bangs, sweep across crown.

Keywords: wedding hair, updo, bridal updo

Wedding Updo

Smoothed crown with curls and flowers at nape. Be sure to schedule your trial hairdo so you can be sure of the look--and of your hairdresser.

Keywords: weddingdos, updos, weddinghair, bridalhair

Wedding Hair

Pretty updo with veil tucked into chignon. Nice makeup. Steffie Jones makeup and hair artist.

Keywords: weddinghair, updo, bridal updo, myweddingplace

Wedding Hair

Pretty classic do with lace and flower to match the band of accent color on the dress.

Keywords: French Twist, weddinghair, weddingdo, bridal updo

Wedding Hair

Wedding updo with decorated clips the bride made.

Keywords: myweddingplace, weddinghair, updo, bridalhair, bridesmaidhair

Front View Wedding Hair

Here is a cute do with french braid around face, and curls in the back. Photo taken by Ryan Richard Photography.

Keywords: weddinghair, bridal hair, updo, french braid

Wedding Hair

French braid around face, curls at crown. Very pretty highlights.

Keywords: weddinghair, weddings, bridal hair, bridesmaid hair

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wedding - Raja Shahirah & Syahrul Reza

Beautiful traditional wedding at Aryani Resort, Merang, Setiu, Terengganu, Malaysia.

Keywords: wedding garb, weddings, myweddingplace, weddinghair


Wedding in Davao City. Beautiful flowers, simple dress, simple hair. Very nice.

Keywords: myweddingplace, Davao City,Philippine Wedding

Wedding Cake

Interesting--flat layers, beautifully decorated with flowers. Spanish wedding cake.

Keywords: weddingcake, weddings, layered cake

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- I Corinthians 13:13

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