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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beautiful Wedding Flowers

Try the gerbera daisy for a sunny summer bouquet. I love the pink. I have a bouquet in my kitchen right now with three lovely pink gerberas, white snap dragons, white lily, and tiny pink roses. All for 5.99 at Trader Joes. Definitely a cheap way to have full sunny bouquets. Just tie them up with a big ribbon.

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Summer Wedding Bouquet

Seems like the summer bouquet is full of bursting color, like a beautiful flower garden. Try mixing all season colors--spring, fall, winter.

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White and Blue Cascade Wedding Bouquet

See Westosha Floral for your wedding flower needs. This is a great shade of blue. Imagine the bridesmaid in this shade of delphinium blue.

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Peacock Corsage

See Westosha Floral for your wedding flower needs. Here's a beautiful shade of green to use in your wedding color skeme.

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Orange and Green Wedding Bouquet

Pretty colors for a summer wedding. I like the big orange color spots. Green orchids. You could use a lovely green bridesmaid dress with this bouquet. Set the table with orange napkins and pretty gerbera daisies on each table.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Alvina Valenta Wedding Dress

AV9702 is the number of this dreass.  The lace around the hem adds a softness to this gown.  Feminine and delicious.

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Alvina Valenta Wedding Dress

AV9761 is the number for this dress. I like the dropped waist on this one and the embroidered bodice. Very feminine and lovely.

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Alvina Valenta Wedding Dress

This is a lovely gown. Simple lines, flattering neckline. Good dress for a summer wedding.

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