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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Citrus Wedding for Spring or Summer

Here you go, get into those lighthearted colors, orange and yellow and peach and white. Spring or summer loves these colors. See Tastefully Entertaining for more ideas.

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Brown and White Wedding

Now this could be used for a very early spring, when the snow is still in the foothills and the tulips are up but the air is crisp. I love this gown, very nice bridesmaid gown. See Tastefully Entertaining for more ideas.

Keywords: tulips, weddings, spring weddings, brown theme, bride and groom

Centerpieces for Spring & Summer

See tastefullyenetertaining. for more table ideas. Think Spring.

Keywords: weddings, spring weddings, spring bride, spring flowers

Yellow Spring Wedding

Here are some inspiring ideas for your spring wedding. The classic wedding hairdo with flowers, try dogwood, or frangipani. Even and lemon drop for the reception would follow the theme.

Keywords: lemon wedding cake, yellow spring wedding, weddings, bride and groom, wedding hair

Friday, February 27, 2009

Flower Girl

Don't forget to find a dress for your flower girl. This is a sweet picture.

Keywords: weddings, flower girls, bridesmaid, spring wedding

Red Bridesmaid dresses

This is a lovely shade of red, a little bluish, very nice. And bold for a wedding, which I like. Can you see the bride holding red flowers?

Keywords: weddings, red bridal bouquet, red theme, spring wedding

Bridesmaids Dresses

These gowns are lovely, the drape of the fabric feminine, the color elegant. The flowers peachy with the olive green. Very nice and fresh for a spring wedding.

Keywords: weddings, bridesmaid dresses, green theme, spring wedding

Colored Bridesmiad Dresses.

This reminds me of that movie, 27 Dresses. This is a fun idea, have all the bridesmaid dresses different.

Keywords: economical wedding, weddings, bridesmaid dress, flowers, wedding flowers


Peridot is a gem, a very light green stone. This is a pretty dress and it comes with a wrap--which is good if it's a cool spring evening.

Keywords: weddings, wedding shower, bridesmaid, maid of honor, wedding flowers

Green Bridesmaid dress

This is a very pretty color and would work well for spring. I could see the flowers being pink. Nice.

Keywords: wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, bridal bouquet, weddiing flowers

Bridesmaids Dress

Front view of bridesmaid dress. I love this dress, very feminine and could even serve as a wedding gown.

Keywords: wedding gown, wedding flowers, bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaids Dress

This is lovely, the flow of the skirt is very flattering and the tiny button detail. Very nice.

Keywords: weddings, bridesmaids, spring weddings

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wedding Bouquet

Photo of beautiful dark purple and cream callas. See wwwAQphotos. com for your wedding photography.

Keywords: spring weddings, summer weddings, wedding flowers, spring bride.

Wedding Bouquet

Full and sumptuous bouquet, lovely cream color, gorgeous with the the simple short wedding dress.

Keywords: roses, wedding bouquet, cream colored flowers, brown/cream pallette

Wedding Bouquet

Georgeous orchids, simple and elegant.

Keywords: wedding bouquet, weddings, orchids, spring wedding

Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring Cake

Green icing isn't something I would have imagined, but I like the look of this cake. The flowers aren't over the top and the design on the icing, very formal and classic.

Keywords: spring green, wediding cake, economy cake, spring weddings

Yellow Indian Wedding Cake

THis is lovely, the design on top patterning the brides Mendi. Very nice.

Keywords: Indian Wedding, spring wedding, Mendi, weddings.

Spring Wedding Cake

This is an amazing cake. The Sugar Syndicate makes cake like no one else. All that scrowl detail and the icing color--unusal. Try the green pallette for your spring wedding.

Keywords: wedding cake, spring weddings, green icing, cake topper

Flowered Wedding Cake

This small cake is just right for an elopement. Cake covered in marzipan, roses, and it's vegan too.

Keywords: Nanapearlswoodenspoon, wedding cakes, spring weddings

Romantic Rosettes Wedding Cake

From Nana Pearl's Wood Spoon comes this lovely romantic cake. So pretty with the roses. Thinking spring.

Keywords: spring wedding, wedding cakes, spring bride, romantic wedding cake

Cupcake Wedding

Cupcakes are a good idea. you can replace the cakes that have been eaten with more you keep in a box under the cake table. An economical way to have your cake and eat it too.

Keywords: cupcakes, wedding cakes, weddings, spring weddings.

Spring Monogram Wedding Cake

Isn't this pretty. A four-tier cake iced in white fondant. Hand formed sugar flowers and pearl dust. Very nice. Feeds 150 people.

Keywords: wedding cake, spring wedding cake, spring weddings, spring bride

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring Wedding Bouquet

Tulips in yellow, rose, and pink. Very simple and fresh. Economical too.

Keywords: spring flowers, wedding bouquet, weddings, cut flowers

Wedding Bouquet

I bet the orchids in this bouquet smell wonderful. This bouquet is great colors for a spring wedding.

Keywords: wedding bouquet, spring wedding, flowers, cut flowers

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bride's Bouquet

These peach colored peonies are beautiful. Imagine this color in a bridesmaid dress. Very nice color theme.

Keywords: weddings, wedding flowers, cut flowers, bridal hair

Bride's Bouquet

Purple themed wedding accented with white and green: bear grass, calla lily, waxflowers, fressia, tulips, roses.

Keywords: wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet, cut flowers, wedding flowers, wedding florist.

Bridesmaid's Bouquet

Calla lilies, spray roses, peonies, jasmin, eucalyptus. Very pretty and asymetrical. Enjoy beautiful wedding flowers.

Keywords: weddings, wedding flowers, bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquet, photography, Warren Seto

White wedding

White roses,classic.

Pink Wedding Bouquets

Pink roses, light pink accenting the darker pink, lovely bridesmaid's bouquet. Lovely and sumptuous.

Keywords: Wedding flowers, wedding bouquets, cut flowers, bridal bouquets

Flowers at the Wedding

Simple wedding by the sea with beautiful flowers, loosely arranged, fabulous, wonderful, and sweet smelling.

Keywords: weddings, wedding flowers, wedding bouquets, spring flowers

Wedding bouquet.

Salmon colored roses, and little yellow accent. A spring wedding with bright colors, lots of freshness and livliness.

Keywords: weddings, roses, wedding bouquets, spring wedding, spring flowers

Wedding Bouquet

Spring wedding bouquet, smple and refreshing. Good value for your less expensive wedding.

Keywords: wedding, wedding bouquet, wedding flowers, flowers, cut flowers

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sweet Curls

Curls are so much fun and the glorious blonde in the sun and at the altar, will be aglow. Try different stylists to see who is consistent. Plan ahead for your appointment, and on the day of your wedding, delegate.

Keywords: updo, hairdos, curlie hair, weddings, spring bride


This is your chance to be a venusian goddess. Play with the flowers and other ornaments for the hair. It is all fun and wonderful for your wedding.

Keywords: wedding hair, bridal hair, flowers, updo, pulled back, spring bride


This is your chance to be a venusian goddess. Play with the flowers and other ornaments for the hair. It is all fun and wonderful for your wedding.

Keywords: wedding hair, bridal hair, flowers, updo, pulled back, spring bride

Hairdos for your Wedding

Everything from Audrey Hepburn to Meg Ryan, try a celebrity do. For a white, the multi-layer was popular. You might like your hair to be culed in tentrils, or a french knot. Flowers or crystals are nice.

Keywords: weddings, updos, long hair, veil, spring bride

Long Hair

Here the stream of curls down the back and the lovely shoulders are beautiful. Try this do for your wedding.

Keywords: wedding hair, hairdos, updos, wedding, spring bride

Wedding Hair

Beautiful curls falling from crown to nape and the front, a sweep of smooth bang. Try your do ahead of time. And be sure to make appointments for your mom and maid of honor.

Keywords: weddings, bridal hair, wedding hair, spring weddings

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Now isn't this a fun and sort of surreal shot. I'd love to have some unusal photos taken for my wedding. How about you?

Keywords: wedding photography, onelovephoto. com, spring weddings, colored wedding gown

Wedding Photography

Book your photography far ahead and be sure to call all your bookings and confirm as you get closer to the wedding. See OnLovePhoto. com for a look at wedding shots.

Keywords: wedding photography, weddings, spring weddings

Wedding Photography

When you decide on your wedding photographer, think of some unqiue shots you might have taken. This shot in a hallway with the burned light, very nice. A photo like this can adorn your bedroom, or any other room. It's worth the price.

Keywords: weddings, wedding photography, spring weddings, spring bride, onelovephoto . com

Cleveland 2009 Bridal Show

Sweet flower girl dress. Love the embroidery and the simple lines.

Keywords: flower girl dress, spring bride, wedding gowns, weddings

Monday, February 16, 2009

Southern Belle

A DOminique gown for the southern belle. Layers of tulle in a creamy yellow. Very pretty strapless bodice and folds of satin around the waist.

Keywords: weddings, bridal gown, summer wedding, spring wedding gown

Simple Bridal Gown

This strapless gowns has long lines and an embroidered bodice. Very nice and beautiful in its simplicity.

Keywords: weddings, wedding gowns, bridal gowns, sweet bride

Dominique Gown

This is a beautiful dress with the fitted bodice and the very full skirt. The embrodery along the hem is sweet, a pink accent.

Keywords: wedding gowns, spring bride, summer wedding, bridal gown

Red Wedding Gown

This is a very pretty gown with white bodice and white under skirt. Trail sweeping along behind. Cute and fun.

Keywords: red wedding gown, weddings, summer bride, bridal gown

Bridal Fair 09

Romance in Fate, a gown by Dominique. Beautiful with the swirl of tulle around the hem. Sweetheart neckline. Lemon color.

Keywords: weddings, spring wedding, spring bride, wedding gowns

Bridal Fair 2009

Here's a look at some pretty gowns not in the traditional white. I like the one on the top left, a pale color and full of detail.

Keywords: white gowns, bridal gowns, wedding gowns, spring weddings

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spanish Dancer Wedding Gown

sss.jealousycollection. com will make your gown for you. This fitted bodice and ruffled skirt is a charmer.

Keywords: weddings, spring weddings, summer weddings,

Wedding Gown can make your gowns for you. Here is a beautiful dress with embroidered top with halter neckline and inlay at front of skirt.

Keywords: weddings, spring weddings, bride & groom.

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