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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Green

Bridal party having fun. I love this Ally Mauro. Nice color for spring or summer. White flowers maybe gardenias would be lovely.

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Bridal Fashion Show

Photo be Johan Sisno. Beautiful gown, Greek influence, wedding gown of flowing satin.

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Bridal Fashion Show

Photo by Johan Sisno. Bridal Fashion show at Marco Polo

Cake Cutting

Beautiful couple. Romantic gown with lotus flow bodice.

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Oll-llO-Wedding Dress.....A

Oll-llO-Wedding Dress.....A: Oll-llO-Wedding Dress.....A

Friday, March 2, 2012

Beach Wedding

Bridesmaid dress and groomsman ties and vest matching turquoise. Love the bright flowers with this color theme. Photo courtesy of Kevin Duncan Prophoto.CA
Post by jumpyjodes
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Wedding Party

Sweet! I love the yellow accent. Nice for a spring wedding. Photo taken by cheriejoyful.

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Why not have some glamour shots taken while setting up your wedding portfolio. This is a lovely shot. I've seen large wedding photos haning on couples bedroom walls. Pretty cute. Photo by jenipur13

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Beautiful Bride

Nice to take photos in natural settings. I like this outdoor shot. Even if the weather is cold, you can do a few shots in unusual places. There are wedding photographers who specialize in adventure shots, or after the wedding...trash the dress shots.
Shot by Paul Long

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Spring Wedding

Plan now for your spring/summer wedding. You might get lucky with the weather, but if you don't, make sure there is an inside venue to hold the nuptials and reception. My daughter's wedding was held outside on June 12th. It could have been a downpour, instead it was in the 80s. So plan on heat too, perhaps some colorful umbrellas would solve both problems.
Picture by "G" jewels.

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