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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beautiful Bride

Here the groom gifts his bride with a red sari that must be worn to her new home, called the "Homecoming".

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Indian Wedding

Beautiful saris and ornate jewels. Singapore wedding. Photo credit Madaboutasia

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Sari & Mehndi

Beautiful colors and detail of design. The husband's family are tailors so this sari and the bridesmaids garb was handmade.

Keywords: Indian Wedding, bridal sari, mehndi, Photo credit HSLD.

The Wedding Cake

This couples cake is modeled after an Indian sari. Very pretty, with the details of flowers and lace. Photo by Brad Greenlee

Keywords: wedding cake, wedding colors, bride and groom, myweddingplace

Wedding Gown

I like the simplicity of this gown. And the empire line fits most figures very well. This is the type of dress that you could have someone make. It's a simple pattern with some nice beaded detail.

Keywords: wedding gowns, bridal gowns, wedding veil, photo credit Timothy Marsee

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wedding Hair

Pretty and feminine, a loose do with hair accessory. This beautiful adornment can be purchased at Photo credit Bellafaye

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Niagara Falls, Ontario

Destination weddings are popular. It's more expensive for your guests, but if you have a group of people willing, why not travel. Niagara Falls is a beautiful place to be married. Isn't this a fine picture with the mist rising in the background. This bride's wedding flowers are divine. Such beautiful fall colors. Pick your place far ahead of time...what is your budget? Plan ahead and stick to it. There are many decisions to make...prioritize to make the things you want the most to happen.

Keywords: myweddingplace, weddings, bride and groom, destination wedding, photo credit Dani Lefrancois

Friday, September 28, 2012

All Season Cake

Here you have different seasons. Maybe one season per side. That way you could make a statement about how marriage like life will have it's seasons. Or if its a fall wedding, make all sides orange leaves.

Keywords: wedding cakes, fall weddings, Dessy Group, sweets, Photo credt Tim Pierce

Fall Wedding Cake

Really, you could use any flowers for this cake. So whatever your color theme is you could match the flowers. A cake like this, might run less, given that it is pretty standard. Especially if you do the final touch with the flowers.

Keywords: myweddingplace, winter wedding cake, fall wedding cake, photo credit Kimberly Vardeman

Wedding Car

So if you are in Estonia, perhaps you could ride away in this car. You could also leave you wedding in a horse drawn carriage. You could ride away on a bicycle, or walk. You could roller skate or skateboard. You could SUP. What's your style?

Keywords: myweddingplace, winter weddings, destination weddings, photo credit Adam Burt

Pre-wedding Shoot

After you choose your wedding photographer, schedule a pre-wedding shoot. This could be for your engagement photos. It is also a way to become comfortable with the photographer. The more at ease you are the more the shoot the day of the wedding will be easy, open, vulnerable.

Keywords; wedding photography, pre wedding shoot, marriage photos, bride and groom, Photo credit: Lauren Hammond

Red Roses

Pretty gown and simple bouquet of red roses. What color will you highlight in your wedding? Red roses are for love...traditional and beautiful. I believe red is a good color for winter weddings.

Keywords: myweddingplace, red roses, bridal bouquet, dessy group, wedding photography, photo credit by Lauren Hammond

Wedding Party

Here's the bride and her maidens. I like the shalls...especially if it's a winter wedding...having a wrap is a good idea. Pretty shade of blue with red roses. And even though it's a formal wedding, the girls look more relaxed than some formal affairs.

Keywords: winter wedding, Blue bridesmaid gowns, wedding flowers, bridal gown, Photo credit: Corey Ann

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Winter Wedding

How about this...stand in the snow...but make it quick. This photo was taken by Jason Paris at Outlook Cabin" (Jasper Park Lodge) What about your destination wedding. Will you wear snow boots under your gown?

Keywords: Dessy, winter wedding, wedding photography, destination weddings, Credit Jason Paris

First Dance

Sweet photo. And the dress is fun...old fashioned. Perhaps look in your local antique stores for vintage styles. I think they are some of the most beautiful. It doesn't cost much to fix details, a bit of lace or string of pearl trim. You can even do it yourself, if you sew.

Keywords: Weddinggown, bridal gown, fall weddings, winter weddings, Photo Credit Jill Allyn Stafford

Fun Wedding Photo

This is a great photo. Everyone is having fun. I love the color of these gowns...sort of cherry...and something I like these days is using different styles for different girls. You have the same color but a fit of each girl that is suitable. Shoes by Dessy Group.  Photo credit, Andrew Blight

Keywords: myweddingplace, weddings, weddinggowns, weddingphotography, Ohio photographer Andrew Blight

Bridal Gown Detail

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. Hiring a good photographer is essential. Getting the details of your dress in a photo become an heirloom you cherish. Plan ahead...six months to a year...hire someone you feel comfortable with.

Keywords: wedding photography, Wedding gown, Ohio photographer, Andrew Blight Credit

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Wedding

Pretty chocolate gowns and rust flowers. Nice for a fall wedding. You can dye shoes to match. If you like flats, ballet slippers are good.
Photo by Holly Higgins.

Keywords: Fall wedding, winter wedding, bride and groom, wedding shoes.

Bridesmaid Gown

Pretty color, good for fall and for winter. I also like the purple with the red flowers. One of my favorite color combinations. This photo is by Caitlin Scott Photography.

Keywords: weddings, bridesmaid gown, wedding gown, winter wedding, fall wedding.

Wedding Photography

If you have a rugged destination that you'd like to have photos taken, contact a photographer who can take you climbing or out in a kayak. What fun. This photo is by Sarah Elvin PHotography.

Keywords: winter wedding photography, winter wedding, destination wedding, top of the world.

Winter Wedding

Cute...a little red sweater for the bride. I always wonder about the photo shoots that are out doors, in the wind or snow...burr. Why not have a sweet wrap for the bride?

Keywords: winter wedding, red sweater, bridal gown, bridal veil. Photo credit Laura Dye

Wedding Hair & Accessories

Very pretty do, with hair pulled back into loose curls. I like the pearl earrings and barettes. Also the bouquet of roses & calla lilies ribbon wrapped is gorgeous. What colors have you picked for your wedding. I like the pinks in greens in the bouquet.

Keywords: myweddingplace, weddinggown, wedding bouquet, Photo credit Laura Dye

On the Beach

A winter wedding on the beach...go somewhere warm and combine wedding and honeymoon. This is a delicious shot.

Keywords: winter wedding, beach wedding, destination wedding, spring wedding, wedding gown phto by Harry Hguyen

Fall Wedding

What color palette have you choosen for your wedding. This couple is playful, using a Halloween garter.

Keywords: fall wedding, winter wedding, Photo by Graeme Crawford

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Soda Fountain Wedding

Sweet bride and groom. I like the hair and veil.

Keywords: wedding gowns, bridal hair

Wedding Bouquet

Photo by Vincent F.

Bride and Maid of Honor

I like the ruching on the blue gown. The flowers are simple and lively. ANd nice spring wedding look. Wedding photo courtesty of Kevin Duncan PROPHOTO.CA

Keywords: wedding flowers, bridesmaid gown, updos.

Cutting the Cake

Beautiful bridal gown and lovely mauve, pink, yellowyellow roses.
Photo by russelljsmith

Keywords: wedding cake, bridal gown, wedding dress, bridal flowers, grooms tux

Monday, September 3, 2012

Winter Wedding

Photo by Laura Dye. A beautiful photo in a wintery setting. Where will you hold you winter wedding. What will your color theme be? Winter is open to bright colors...particularly well as cool is nice.

Keywords: winterwedding, wedding photography, wedding gown, bridal gown, grooms tux.

Fall Love

Fall or Winter Wedding. Beautiful and bleak. I love the long veil...draped along the ground. A picture is worth a thousand words they say...what do your photos say. THis photo compliments of whoalse by Allen.

Keywords: wedding photos, bride and groom, winter wedding, fall wedding, bridal gown

Winter Wedding

Photo by Lauren Hammond. Look at the snow in the background...very wintery and cold. The bride and groom look dreamy. I like this. Can you take the cold and do some shots out door?

Keywords: winter wedding, bride and groom, wedding photography.

Apple Fall for Fall Wedding

Beautiful photo by Victoriia Z
This is a really fun photo for a fall wedding. You could use other fall representations: leaves, squash or small pumpkins, mums or asters. Have fun with you wedding

Keywords: wedding photography; fall weddings; apples; wedding gown, bride and groom.

Fall Wedding Bouquet

Aren't the Calla Lilies beautiful. I love the yellows and oranges and greens and whites together. This photo is by Anna Hirshch see

Keywords: weddingflowers;fall weddings; bridal bouquet;calla lillies

Bride and the City

Beautiful blue bridesmaid gowns. Up dos and fun outdoor venue for photograph.
Photo by Sakeeb Sabakka.

Keywords: blue bridesmaid gowns; bridal gown; photo shoot; city wedding venue.

Wedding Party

Photo slightly washed out, but you get a good look at these cute bridesmaid dresses. I love the ranunculus in the bouquets...very pretty and colorful. Sweet flowergirl dress too.
Photo by Nicholas Thomas.

Keywords: wedding bouquet; bridal bouquet; fall wedding; bridesmaid dresses; bride; bridal gown

Wedding Cake Decorated for Fall Nuptials

This is a perfect cake for a fall wedding. I love the candy leaves, little pumpkin, and piping on the white frosting. This is a perfect cake for a fall wedding. Cake photo by ewen and donabel.

Keywords: weddingcake, fall weddings, bride and groom, brides cake.

Fall Wedding

Clever fall cupcakes, chocolate with vanilla frosting...A chocolate button on top...and the sides of the bride and grooms cake. See clevercupcakes for more cake selections.

Cakes; weddingcakes; weddings; fall weddings.

Fall Bride

Photo by DaMongMan. Lovely bride standing at the edge of the forest. A great venue, park or formal garden, for the early fall wedding. What is your venue? Do you have cover if the weather turns hot...or if it turns cold?

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There are three things that last: faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love.

- I Corinthians 13:13

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