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Thursday, April 30, 2009

3/4 Length Wedding Gown

Very pretty dress with pink ribbon for waist. A nice look, this shorter gown. I'd think it's a little more casual and very sweet.

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Fabulous Pink Shoes

These are beautiful. If you had your brides maids in pink, and your flower girl in shocking pink, these shoes would be perfect. See Zappo. com for shoes.

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La Vie en Rose

Life is pink! Have a pink wedding with cupcakes. sugarbloomcupcakes. There are many ways you can use your color palette. If you know the Peace Rose, you know it is yellow moving into pink. Very pretty colors to use for a spring or summer wedding.

Keywords: weddings, spring wedding, summer wedding, pink, yellow, peace rose

Sweet Flower Girl

Photo by Robert Lurie, flower girl? with bouquet? Very sweet, and isn't this a delicious color?

Keywords: pink wedding, shocking pink, flower girl, red roses, pink roses

Bridal Gown and Flowers

I love the neck on this dress and the brides long gloves with the frill at the top. And this bouquet, lilies, roses, greenery. Rochie de Mireasa.

Keywords: weddings, wedding photography, red roses, lilies, bridal gloves

Bridal and Formal Wear

Here are some dresses from www.partycloz. com Perhaps you can let your bridesmaids pick different dresses, just ask them to keep with the color theme. I like seeing the Maid of Honor wearing a long gown and the other bridesmaids short gowns.

Keywords: partycloz, weddings, bridesmaids, maid of honor

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Burlesque Earrings

Here's a beautiful pair of earrings from Destiny's Creations wedding line. They are not as delicate as plain pearls, but I like their substance. They'd go perfectly with a plain gown, satin, strapless.

Keywords: weddings, wedding jewelry, Destiny's Creations, satin gown, wedding gown

Burlesque Bracelet

The inspiration for this bracelet is the Pussycat Dolls. Destiny's Creations are lovely and a great accent to your wedding gown. Pearl earrings would be lovely this this and perhaps a pearl choker.

Keywords: wedding vows, wedding jewelry, weddings, spring weddings

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yellow Wedding

Pick scented flowers. I love frangiapani, orchids, lilies.gardenias. Think rich and lavish scent, be sumptuous, be sensual.

Keywords: yellow wedding, wedding hair, bridal updo, wedding cake, orchids, gardenias, calla lilies, tastefullyentertaining.blogspot. com

Green, Black and White Wedding

Are you Irish, will you have your wedding ring be two hands holding a heart? Do you want the color of your heritage to become part of your wedding. This looks nice, green, black, and white, and doesn't overwhelm or take away from the bride. Try a color theme that fits your family, your heritage, your personality, your fun nature.

Clever Centerpieces

You like to entertain and a wedding is an party, so make your tables beautiful. Use natural elements, tie into holidays, play off the seasons.

Keywords: wedding tables, centerpieces, summer wedding, spring wedding, fall wedding, winter wedding

Bright Teal & Lime Bridal Shower

These colors are summery and bright for a wedding shower--I think you could used these colors for your wedding too. Think of celery as the bridesmaid dresses, and celery and lime in the bridal bouquet. Flowers could include some dyed posies and the drinks, like they show, why not. Summer is a fun time to wed--have sun fun with your color palette.

Keywords: tastefullyentertaining.blogspot. com, weddings, bridesmaid dresses, blue posies, blue drinks, green flowers

Green & Brown Wedding Theme

For me, these colors are soothing. They could be a good choice for spring or late summer. The bridesmaid dress looks like a no-brainer for waring again. That's a plus for your girls--give them a design that works as an evening dress.

Keywords: wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, color theme, brown and green palette

Dramatic Purple Wedding Theme

For details of the companies' products, see tastefullyentertaining.blogspot. com Think about your color theme--do you want sophisticated, classic, light hearted, whimsical, dramatic, sexy--you decide and paste pictures on tagboard from bridal magaizines. This way you'll stay focused when you shop.

Keywords: tastefullyentertaining.blogspot. com, purple wedding, color theme, color palette, spring wedding, summer wedding

Monday, April 27, 2009

Purple Bride

Here's an interesting look, a little crown, a purple gown. See for interesting weddings--move away from tradition.

Keywords: weddings, purple gown, purple wedding dress, purple palette

Caped Bride

Photo from www. What a beautiful cranberry color.

Keywords: weddings, wedding colors, red palette, red wedding

Wedding Invitation

Medieval Weddings, written by Bridezilla. Very pretty. Why not be a princess at your wedding. For the Meieval wedding, stick with jewel tones: gold and silver become accent colors.

Keywords: wedding colors, wedding palette, family crest, medieval wedding

Pink Wedding Dress

Is white dated? They've only been popular for the last 150 years--before that.... Perhaps a new trend is in order. I love all colors, and pink is good with my skin tone.

Keywords: weddings, pink wedding gown, spring wedding

Under Water

Here's another gown, whether this is actually green or just green light on a white gown is hard to say, but the idea of green for a wedding is intriquing to me.

Keywords: photographer Victoria Rika-Heke, weddings, green wedding, wedding gowns, spring wedding

Pretty in Pink

This is very pretty--think pink when it comes to your wedding. Sofia Rhodie Styling.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Autumn Cupcakes

This photo is a close-up of a tall tier of wedding cupcakes for a fall wedding. The flowers are real, the leaves--gumpaste. You will love the simplicity of a cupcake wedding.

Keywords: weddings, www., gumpaste, chocolate hearts

Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake

Choose the bridesmaid gowns color to match the cherry blossoms on your wedding cake. See www. wildcakes. ca for more cake choices. Be sure to pick out your cake and make a reservation early.

Keywords: weddings, wedding cakes, cherry blossoms, spring wedding

Tree Cutouts Wedding Cake

Here's a beautiful cake for your winter or fall wedding. I love the dimension of this cake--very nice. See www. for more ideas and to order yours.

Keywords: weddings, wedding cakes, beautiful chocolate cake, fall weddings, cutout icing

Autumn Leaves Wedding Cake

www. -- check it out for ideas on the best wedding cake for your wedding. Delicious chocolate, scruptious raspberry filling, white cake with lemon filling. Trying out cake is the best--why not go from bakery to bakery until you find your favorite?

Keywords: weddings, wedding cake, fall wedding cake, autumn leaves

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wedding Vow Magazine

Studio Nouveau's tear sheet. Lovely bride and yellow shoes. Look into this magazine.

Keywords: wedding vow magazine, color splash, yellow shoes, colored handbag

Wedding Vow Ketubah

Here's a beautiful way to write your vows and keep them, framed on your wall. The vow is to be taken seriously, to thought of throughout the marriage. Perhaps at times, reup your vows. See if you need to add something, or change your committment to include other ideas.

Keywords: wedding vows, vows, marriage, Ketubah, bride and groom

Wedding Vows

Something to keep next to you and commit to. Make your relationship the most important thing to you.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Flapper Wedding Cake Toppers

Cake topper madeled after antique bisque topper from ebay. You can see more of thepolkadotpixie's work at

Keywords: weddings, wedding cake toppers, etsy, pfattmarketplace

Bluebird Wedding

Sweet cake topper for romantic couple. See thepolkadotpixie's folkart at

Keywords: cake toppers, folk art, weddings, wedding cakes

Wedding Cake Toppers

There are many toppers to choose from, antique, new, handmade, borrowed. See and and for toppers.

Keywords: wedding cake toppers, antique toppers, cake toppers

Amsale Wedding Gown

This gown is feminine with the wrap of netting, the bride is etheral. She carries a gorgeous bouqet.

Keywords: Lace, sweetheart bodice, netting, tulle, satin

Alfred Sung Wedding Gown

This gown reminds me of Cinderella's gown--remember when the blue birds tucked gathers around the skirt, so romantic.

Keywords:, wedding gowns, beautiful bride, strapless gown

Alfred Sung Wedding Gown

This gown is fabulous, flirty, sexy, fitted bodice, flared train skirt--sumptious for the beautiful bride.

Keywords: weddings, www.alfredsungdresses. com, bridal gowns

Rhinestones and Sequins

This bride designed her own dress. The gathered bodice is very pretty. And the edge of bling dropping from waist line to low back, lovely.

Keywords: sew your own, wedding gowns, Vogue patterns, handmade

Melissa Sweet Lia

Here's one of the many preworn gowns from www. This place has over 1600 gowns, new, sample, and used, for you to peruse.

Keywords: weddings, wedding gowns, preworn gowns, used wedding gowns

Budget Wedding

Here's a Lea-Ann Belter Wedding gown for sale on Check it out, if you want something more pricey than your budget can hold, this may be the answer.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wedding Hair

A simple do can be the most elegant. This woman's hair has light curl. Nice wispy bangs, some definition achieved with a product that separates the curl, and pearls. Everything simple.

Keywords: wedding hair, curly hair, pearls, bangs, bride


Very dramatic! This profile is nice because it shows how the back, where the curls lay to the crown, balances the models face. Nicely done.

Keywords: updo, wedding hair, wedding flowers, spring weddings

Wedding Updos

Leaving some of the hair long at the back is a nice look. I also like these big "C" curls, smart and flattering.

Keywords: bridal hair, wedding hair, updos, "C" curls


Many possibilities. Part depends on your hair and your face. Mine is shoulder length and when pulled back around my face, the length puffs out with curl. Perhaps a good stylist could work with it. Try it out before hand, find the right stylist and the right style for you.

Keywords: hair stylist, updos, beauty parlor, hair salon, weddings

Paris Hilton Long Curls

Her hair is lovely here and great for a gal with long hair. Loose curls, feminine and simple.

Keywords: wedding hair, long curls, body wave, hair extension

Paris Hilton's UpDo

This is a very pretty do for straight long hair. The lift from teasing is good and the veil could tuck in beneath the crown. Pretty.

Keywords: wedding hair, updos, bridal updo, long hair

Brides with Maidens

Here the maid of honor wears a long gown and the raspberry color is accented in the other maidens' gowns. Very sweet look.

Keywords: wedding, bridal party, maids of honor, wedding hair

Wedding Hair

Classic hair, pulled back and pinned with flower, perhaps a gardenia for lovely fragrance.

Keywords: frosted hair, short hair, wedding hair, bridal hair

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vintage Yellow and Gray

From Artfool, Impressionen, On Decorum, the Knot, Ariella Chezar. Very lovely gowns and flowers. I think this color combination is soothing and inspiring of love.

Keywords: Romance, loving couple, wedding, summer wedding, spring wedding

Hot Pink & Gray

Gena Foster Milliner, DC Nearlyweds, By Invitation Only, Absolutely Beautiful Things, Snippet & Ink: ideas for your wedding and loving the hot pink and gray combination. Try a pair of pink shoes, why not.

Keywords: weddings, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Artfool, Holt Renfrew, summer wedding

Turquoise & Gray

Top left:: Lazaro gown, Vogue UK. Lovely color blue, and so simple yet elegant. I don't know how I'd deal with such a long train.

Keywords: weddings, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Muleskinner Antiques, MH Preston Designs, Summer wedding

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Christmas Flower Girl

Adorable flower girl from a December wedding. Love the red flowers in her hair. Keep it simple and you'll be happiest.

Keywords: weddings, Hannah Montana, flower girls, hair flowers, birdes

Bride and Bridesmaid

Isn't this pretty, the bride's gown trimmed in the color of the bridesmaid dress, raspberry I think. Very pretty color. And a fun shot, happy day.

Keywords: weddings, wedding gowns, bridesmaid dress, raspberry color palette

Curlie Bridal Hair

This brides hair is very long and done with lots of curls. I have curly hair, although about half as long. It's the prettiest when allowed to look natural. Curls are great.

Keywords: curls, curlie hair, wedding hair, long hair

There are three things that last: faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love.

- I Corinthians 13:13

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