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Friday, January 30, 2009

Black & White Cake & Topper

This topper is cute, the bride being swept off her feet. I like how happy the couple looks. and are places to check out for your wedding cake.

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Black & White Wedding Cake

The bow on top is cute, could also have a couple there with white gown and black tux.

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Black & White Wedding Cupcakes

Here's a casual look, cupcakes for the wedding, decorated with little black flowers.

See "Le Cupcake" for more.

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Black and White Wedding Cake

This is very dramatic, black and white. 1st prize winner in the Adelaide Show. See Yana cakes for more ideas.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Simple is good with the wedding dress, both for elegance and so as to not take away from the gown or the bride's lovely face.

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Dangles with Swarovski crystals. Sterling hooks. Very pretty. From Sweeter than me designs

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Here's a pair of sparkly wedding earrings. Swarovski flowers with swarovski crystals. Very pretty. See sweeterthanme dsigns.

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Orleans Wedding Collection

From order elgant and romantic sashed ribbon tied ring pillows, guest books, garters, candles, and more. See Garbo Wedding Colletion for your special bridal details.

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Garbo Wedding Collection

Well we all can't be Gretta, but we can accesorize with bling and beautiful matte bridal satin in red, draped and accented with romantic rhinestones. Lovely.

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Elizabeth Wedding Collection

Black is the trendy color for 2009 and as you plan your wedding, you might want some bling on your bags and ring pillows and other speach thins. See these jewels at Elizbeth Wedding Collection.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rustic Wedding Bouquet

Wow! I love this rustic bouquet created by April Joy Events. It's stunning. See and for photos. Perhaps think in terms of grayed colors, mauves and greens and grays; very pretty and good for the fall and winter.

Keywords: winter wedding, rustic bouquet, Apriljoyevents, muted pallette

Pink and Orange Wedding Flowers

Here are some examples of putting the pinks and yellows (orange) together. Very pretty, especially with the dusty rose pink. I love it. See www.freshbloom.wordpress. com for more.

Keywords: wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet, nosegays, weddings

Yellow Wedding Flowers

Here are flowers from Fresh Bloom. Yellow is a uplifting color, sparky and bright for the spring or summer bride. Choose from roses, gerbera daisies, mums, and more.

Keywords: wedding flowers, cut flowers, weddings, yellow pallette

The Cake

This is a fabulously beautiful cake. I love the swag of icing along the sides and the little balls. Very pretty. I was in charge of moving my sister's wedding cake from Safeway to the hall.

You put your blinkers on and drive 20, the baker said. It was annoying, but if you stop fast, the cake will slide. I didn't want to be responsible for messing it up.

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Flouncy Wedding Cake

This melt in the mouth moiste chocolate cake with raspberry and white chocolate cream cheese filling sounds divine and looks feminine, like a wedding gown.

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Rose WEdding Cake

Sugar blossoms and roses over chocolate cake. I would love to have this cake at my wedding. Change out the colors of the roses depending on the pallette you have chosen. Yellow or peach or red would be beautiful.

And it could be chocolate with raspberry filling, chocolate with cream filling, chocolate with white chocolate filling. Whatever you love.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Wedding Lighting

Floating flowers, vintage containers, romantic strings, twinkel lights.

Keywords: lighting for your wedding, wedding lights, christmas lights

Wedding Ideas

Meganqphotos has some good ideas. Think about your wedding in terms of color and then let your imagination loose. The wedding that I loved the most was generous to the guests: lovely food, lovely wines and beers and lavendar lemonade, and a dance at the end with a contra caller. Very fun and generous.

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Fun Wedding Invites

Save the date, Guest book, wedding photobooth, Wedding invitation, wedding invitation RSVP, and more. Look at these examples and come up with something new.

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Table Settings

Here we are back to the lime green, which you can get with a apple or lime and flowers in lime green too.

Keywords: lime green wedding gown, romance, green centerpeice, St. Patrick's Day

Wedding Hair

Updos for the beautiful bride. Don't shy away from trying your hair in a French twist, or a lovely chignon. Accent with a tiara or a rose.

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Green Dresses

Don't rule out green. Here are some lovely green dresses. I like the minty shade, but the lime green is nice too. See different designers before you pick your empire wiast wedding gown.

Keywords: Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Clair Danes, Norstrom, Laura Black

Katie Green in Wedding Gown

A lovely model wearing a wedding a romantic wedding gown. Small bouquet, just right for a tighter budget, but feminine for a petite bride.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

White Wedding Bouquets

Everything from cream colored roses to white callas. Try looking at the roses and orchids at your local florist or floral warehouse. You'll be surprised at the shades of white. Pick whites to go with your overall color pallettes.

Keywords: wedding flowers, white wedding bouquets, bridal bouquets

Wedding Lighting

Wedding lights can be in strands or set on the ground in rows, swathed across a table, hung in paper globes. They can be flames or electric. Use your imagination. Make it romantic.

Keywords: lighting, wedding lighting, paper globes, lanterns, luminaries

Wedding Lighting

Big lights with strands and stars and swags, or little lights with votives and twinkle lights and luminaries.

Keywords: wedding lighting, weddings, candlelight weddings

Wedding Lighting

Love the Chandelier.

Also the streamers of light in the tree. Use your imagination--keep it simple or get some help and make it fabulous.

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Doily Wedding Lanterns

These are smart and traditional. Try the look in different colors, complimentary to your theme.

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Wedding Lanterns

More lanterns, although these are the globe type. has lots of ideas for your wedding. Check it out.

Keywords: lanterns, fall wedding, spring wedding, marriage

Glass Wedding Lanterns

Laterns are lovely, and you can make your own with canning jars and wire. Use the little votives inside. Also white christmas lights. Wrap poles and trellises. Very festive and romantic.

Keywords: romantic wedding, trellises, votives, lanterns, weddings

Purple Wedding Details

Here are some ideas for your wedding. Nice color and detail. Choose what pleases you--doesn't have to be traditional.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Purple & Green Wedding Ideas

Here are some great ideas for your wedding. The puple and green are soft and could go for spring or summer, and we've just seen this shade of green for Michelle Obama's gloves. very nice.

Keywords: weddings, winter wedding, spring wedding, wedding flowers, bridal bouquet

Red and Purple Wedding

Wow, this is stunning. I'm thinking this could be a summer look or it could be a fall or winter look. I love taking the color into drinks and favors and flowers. It will pull your wedding together to keep a color theme going throughout.

Keywords:, purple and red, winter wedding

Orange & Teal Wedding

This is a very summery look. I wouldn't have thought about putting the orange with the blue--but it works like sherbert on a hot summer day. Very sweet indeed. See for links.

Keywords:, summer weddings, wedding invites, wedding table

Blue Eyelet Wedding

Cool for the summer wedding held in a lovely meadow or a rose garden. Coordinate your wedding with a collage of items you like. FInd things similar as you go along.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love Me Some Jason Wu

Michelle wardrobe is talked about a lot on TV and in the papers. This gown is very pretty. I like the texture and the girlishness of it.

Keywords: deginer gowns, wedding gowns, Obama, Jason Wu

Obamas Dance

Michelle in her Jason Wu gown, gliding around the dance floor with her handsome hubby. She looks so adoring. I love it.

Keywords: Jason Wu, Obama Ball, President Obama

Obama Wedding Photo

Here's the lovely couple with their mothers. I loved seeing them dance last night at the ball.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Spring Bride

This is perfect, the cherry bloosoms in the background, daffodils and jonquils for the bouquet. Casual and lovely, make your flowers your own.

Keywords: spring wedding bouquet, weddings, bridal bouquet, jonquils


Here the colors of hydrangea and roses accent the bridesmaid gowns in lavendar and pale green. These colors are good for spring. Could be used in summer too, as it is a good time for the hydrangea flower.

Keywords: bridal bouquets, wedding flowers, handwrapped bouquet

Wedding Bouquet

Ranunculus, hypericum berries, gloriosa, lilies, anemones. This bouquet would smell delicious. Bright colors, good for summer or fall, winter would be lovely.

Keywords: wedding bouquet, weddings, flowers, bridal bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

Very pretty and simple. I like this shade of pink.

Keyword: bridal bouquet, wedding flowers, weddings

Cute Wedding Hair

Here the hair is pulled back and rolled into nice curls that cascade down the back, joining the brides longer hair in back. Pearl hair accessory accents pearl earrings and necklace. Look for pearl sets at department stores--on sale for Valentines Day.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Updo with Accessory

Here are some styles that are simple but elegant. Try a jeweled hair accessory for added glamour.

Keywords: glamourous bride, jeweled hair accessory, wedding hair

Updos & Long Wedding Hair

Here are a few ideas for your hairdo. Try many different styles and find the right one well ahead of time.

Keywords: wedding hair, updo, long wedding hair

Wedding Hair

Here are some sweet examples of wedding hair styles. Try them out a good month or so before hand. Have all your appointments booked.

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Short Wedding Gown

Designer gown in Empire style. Satin, fun cap sleeves, yet sophisticated.

Keywords: short gown, wedding gowns,

Short Wedding Dress

Designer wedding dress with flowers around hem and at strapless bodice. Casual and smart, sweet and feminine. For fun see

Keywords: wedding gown, short wedding gown, textured gown,

Short Wedding Dress

This is a very pretty feminine dress with it's flowing chiffon and jeweled halter straps. Lovely.

Keywords: short wedding gown, wedding gowns, bridal bouquet,

Short Wedding Gown in Pink

This is a very sweet dress. I love the gathers in front, slimming waist. See more styles at

Keywords: slim waist, sweet dress, wedding dress, short wedding dress
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