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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wedding Collage

Love the green heels. See for more ideas, includeing bouquets and cakes.

Keywords: Wedding shoes, green shoes, heels.

Oscar de la Renta Open Toe Pump

Wear this pump with a satin gown. Designer shoe in a luxurious design.

Keywords: elegant living, Oscar de la Renta, Open Toe WEdding pump

Beem Mid-Heel Pump

Beem pump for the bride with style. THis whimsical shoe would go well with a satin gown in champagne.

Keywords: champagne, satin, whimsical shoe. bridal shoe

Hollywould Red Roma Peep-toe

Here is a lovely leather slinback with a subtle scallop in the instep. This red would look wonderful for a winter wedding.

Keywords: Hollywould, Red Peep-toe, wedding heels

Hollywould Heels

Here are some cute little heelps. I like the mint green heels. And the one next to it on the left: champagne.

Keywords: wedding heels, champagne, minte green heel

Blue Tux Wedding Shoes

These are white dyable satine. THe sole is blue. They can be picked up for about $80.

Keywords: evathebride, wedding shoes, blue sole, blue tux

Kate Spade Rose Top

see for more shoes. Kate Spade for the cut little mules.

Keywords: Kate Spade, mules, wedding shoes, wedding heels

Kate Spade Fleur Print Mules

These fleur print mules have a kitten heel. Wear with an simple off-white wedding dress. Kate Spade runs small. Try Ebay for an affordable shoe.

Keywords: Kate Spade, fleur print, mules, wedding shoes

Christian Louboutin

Here are two more silver heels that are striking. Again the sole colored. And these aren't for the bride who is always wearing tennis shoes and jeans--because this is a serious heel.

Keywords: wedding heels, silver shoe, wedding shoes.

Christian Louboutn

What if the sole of your shoe was red? Would that make you a hussy? I think this is cute, it would take guts, although not much of the shoe shows. It would certainly be cute with the honeymoon outfit.

Keywords: wedding shoe, Louboutin, red sole, Audrey Hepburn

Silver Heels

Silver of course, goes well with white. You might want gold with ecrue. Silver is good for winter, and goes well with shades of blue.

Keywords: Silver heels, wedding shoes, footwear, wedding heels


These are lovely and would look great with any gown. I'm imagining the darker deep navy of the winter bridesmaid gown.

Keywords: wedding shoes, wedding flats, peep-toe flats, louboutins

Friday, November 28, 2008

Burgundy & Gray Wedding

This is a good looking theme. I think the orchids and roses are delicious. And the chocolate undertones to the reds is fabulous. See finestationery for where to order gowns and ties, etc.

Keywords: burgundy and grey wedding, weddings, finestationery, winter wedding, January wedding

Cream and Gold Wedding

Tastefully Entertaining created this cream and gold medley of ideas. Think of the warmth gold adds to cold weather. Winter weddings in these tones are great.

Keywords: winter wedding, wedding ideas, wedding cake, bridesmaid gown in gold, finestationery

Red, red, red

Red is so dramatic and when it's cold and white during the winter, red is great. Also could be used for a fall wedding, even for Halloween.

Keywords: winter wedding, fall wedding, Halloween wedding

Frosty Blue & Green Wedding

Here are some colors to pick from for your winter wedding. THe cake is decorated like drifts of snow. The bridesmaid dress, cut and short, I'd prefer a little longer, but it is trendy.

Keywords: winter weddings, stationery, finestationery, wedding cakes, wedding bouquets

Winter Wedding

Sparkles, snow, swags, glitter, tensil. Think holidays for the winter wedding, or snow--of course you might live somewhere warm where the cold winter wedding isn't happening. In that case, you could still use all the whites and silvers.

Keywords: winter wedding Anne Ruthmann, weddings, photography

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winter Wedding Bouquet

A bouquet with winter in mind. Love the feathers drifting down at the bas. Very pretty and sort of vintage.

Keywords: Vintage bouquet, winter bouquet, pretty wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

Fll bouquet of roses and calla lilies and stephenosis. Sumptuous.

Keywords: wedding bouquet, calla lilies, winter wedding

Wedding Hair

A short style for the bride. A headband of gold filigree.

Keywords: wedding hair, short updo, wedding hair accessory

Wedding Hair, Winter Accessory

Wedding hair with stars for an accessory. Very pretty.'

Keywords: winter wedding hair, star accesory, wedding stars, weddings

Winter Wedding Callas

Ah, this is beautiful. Wedding flowers for the winter. Callas.

Keywords: callas, wedding flowers, winter wedding, bridal bouquet

Winter Wedding Hair

A lovely updo with bangs and a sprig of white berries as a hair accessorie.

Keywords: wedding hair, white wedding, winter wedding, bangs, long necked bride

Winter Wedding Cake

This cake is fabulously beautiful. I love the orchids and the design of leaves on the icing.

Keywords: wedding cake, winter wedding cake, orchids.

Winter Wedding Gown by Monique L

This gown looks like drifts of snow. It is very pretty and the topless bodice appears embroiderd. lovely

Keywords: winter wedding gown, winter wedding, bridal gown, bridal flowers

Crimson & Gold Winter Wedding

Red is good for a winter wedding, especially around Christmas. THe temperature outside, below zero, lights reflect on white, and inside, all this warmth.

Keywords: red wedding cake, red roses, red wedding dress

Silver Winter Wedding

Here is a very wintery look, using silver colors and blue, like snow at dusk. And sparkles, lots of lights and faux diamond glitter.

Keywords: winter wedding, silver and white wedding, blue, white bouquet

Winter Wedding

Use black and white, or cream and black for a winter wedding. Accet with silver, use lots of sparkling lights and white roses.

Keywords: finestationery, white wedding, winter wedding, bridal flowers

White & Blue Silk-Flower Wedding Bouquet

I would rather use real flowers, but silk would be nice because you could keep them. This bouquet is accented with rhinestones and blue ribbons.

Keywords: brooch, blue ribbon, rhinestones, wedding bouquet, silk flowers

Winter Wedding

You'll need some kind of wrap, and this fake fur wrap and muff are made of silky white faux-fur. Very cut. Very wintery.

Keywords: winter wedding, bridal satin, fur wrap, fur muff

Brown and White Winter Wedding

Here are some ideas that will work for fall or winter. I think the white tulips with the sticks make a very wintery arrangement. See for more ideas.

Keywords: weddings, winter weddings, tastefullyentertaining

All White Bridal Shower

Tastefully Entertaining offers ideas for the white bridal shower. These ideas could be used for the winter wedding too. Or summer, where white is brilliant in the sun.

Keywords: winter wedding, white wedding, white bridal shower, tastefull entertaining

Blue Circles Wedding Invitation

This could be used for a winter wedding too. See for more ideas.

Keywords: winter wedding, wedding invitations, bride and groom

Winter Snowflakes Wedding Invitation

Winter snowflakes for the invites. Handmade if you like. Use the blue in the dress and cake icing.

Keywords: weddings, winter weddings, invitations, bridal bouquet

Cupcake Table

I like this silver fabric--it's wintery. You could scatter the crystal confetti on it. And the cupcakes, perhaps iced with white icing and sprinkled with silver balls.

Keywords: winter wedding, cupcake table, weddings, bride and groom

Cone Bag Wedding Favors

Cone shaped cellophane bags for wedding favors. Decorate like ornaments. Fill with silver almonds or white almonds.

Keywords: wedding favors, winter wedding, bridal bouquet, weddings

Garland Lights Winter Centerpiece

This is pretty. There would have to be plug-ins. Or perhaps there are battery lights available.

Keywords: winter centerpiece, weddings, wedding bridal bouquet, cut flowers

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winter White Nosegay

I think this is a peony. Lovely in this little nosegay.

Keywords: winter wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet, weddings, bride and groom

Winter Bridal Bouquet

Look at these large white orchids and the roses. So beautiful and I can smell this bouquet--oh are there gardenias?

Keywords: wedding bouquet, gardenias, roses, white orchids, winter wedding

Alberta Winter Wedding

Oh gosh, I'm cold looking at this photo. But think of it, how the red and black looks with winter snow. Lots of red roses and black bridesmaid gowns.

Keywords: bridesmaid gowns, winter weddings, black dress, rose bouquet

Winter Wedding Cake

Here's a snowflake cake for the winter theme. Blue is always wintery, so much blue in teh landscape during the winter. Use lots of sparkling lights, and crystal. Candles too.

Keywords: weddings, winter wedding, wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet

Winter Wedding Bridal Bouquet

Bridesmaid bouquet of babies breath and white spiky stuff. Glittery and sparkiling on a winter night. Black gown. Cool!

Keywords: winter wedding, black bridesmaid dresses, bouquets

Winter Wedding Bouquet

Here is a bouquet of winter calla lilies and foliage. It is simple and beautiful. The has a lovely french manicure.

Keywords: French manicure, calla lilies, foliage, winter wedding, bridal bouquet

Tulip Centerpieces

This is interesting, a circle of white flowers and glass vases with white tulips. Wintery. Could use a white table clothe, or red even. Sparkles on the table, or the diamond confetti.

Keywords: winter wedding, tulips, cut fowers, wedding bouquet

Winter Bouquet

Here is a wedding bouquet with fleathers and berries. Wintery and fun. Good for any of the wintery months where white is good and sparkling lights and accents of red and green.

Keywords: winter bouquet, capturedsoulphotography, wedding bouquets

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Winter Wedding, Bridal Hair

This look is simple and elegant. The red roses are just roses, the veil and hair, plain. Simple jewelry, all reminding me of a new snow. Ver pretty.

Keywords: winter wedding, rose bridal bouquet, wedding hair, veil, beaded torso gown

Editorial Feature in Brides Magazine

How Does it Feel? Homespun, nice ideas for the country wedding. Photographer Anne Ruthmann.

Keywords: homespun, wedding ideas, wedding flowers, fiddle music

Winter Wedding Ideas

Red roses, white cake, white candles, sparkling light. All the things that make winter feel cheery. A cheery winter wedding.

Keywords: Red roses, white icing, wedding cake, red winter bouquet, annruthmanphotography


Here is an example of longer hair and longer veil

Keywords: wedding bouquet, weddings, veil, wedding veil

Winter Tulip Bouquet

This is a sweet look and you can see a bit of long veil. I like the simplicity of this bouquet.

Keywords: wedding veil, weddings, tulips, bouquets, wedding bouquets
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