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Monday, August 31, 2009

Gorgeous Wedding Hair

Gorgeous updo, brushed off the forehead with some heigth, hair defined with a product, light curls and flowers. Nice.

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Bridal Hair

Here is a pretty updo with vintage brooch for accent.

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Celebrity Updo

Very pretty updo with waves of curls. See FilmNoirPhoto for more dos.

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Bosco's Bridal Fashion Show

In May, Bosco's bridal had there fashion show and expo. For fall shows see Here is a lovely black gown for the bridesmaid and her updo is natural, more of just a twist with decoration.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vintage Looks

Here are some vintage looks for you to consider. Hair with stylish accesory, gown, why not black and sleek. Or at least, for your bridesmaid. Have a theme wedding.

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Vintage Hairdo

Love to see yourself in a old-fashioned style. I love the hair net and the curls crawling up the nape.

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Black Perfect

No hair out of place for this do. When you have your hair done in a French twist, the smoother it is rolled and combed out, the better.

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Casual Updo will give you a sellection of updos to consider for your wedding. Tell your stylist about the site and point out the do you want to try. Get an appointment with a recommended stylist--pre-appointment then your real date.

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Paris Hilton's UpDo

Paris has pretty blond hair, that smooth hair that falls nicely and is shinery than curly hair. This do looks woven in the back--very nice.

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Swarovski Crystal Teardrop Necklace

Here's a beautiful necklace by Jolly Fine Jewellery. Check them out.

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Bibi Buttercup Designs

Here is a bun ring made of crystals. See Bibi Buttercup Designs for your tiara needs.

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Crystal and Pearl Wedding Set

A delicate necklace and earring set made from Freshwater Pearls and Swarovski crystals. Very nice. See Concept Design Form for tiaras, jewelry, stationary

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Gray Hairpins

Here are some hairpins to accent your updo. See these Black Diamond Swarovski Crystals and Gray Freshwater pearls at Concept Design Form.

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Will you wear a tiara in your hair. Here's one made by Concept Design Form using freswater pearls and Swarovski crystals.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wedding Hair

Lovely updo, brushed upward for fullness and femininity. Love the dress and flowers too.

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Parisian Bride

Here is an amazing dress, love the halter strap, and the hat, wouldn't this be something Audrey Hepburn might wear. And note the gloves, romantic and beautiful.

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Confetti Magazine Spring 09 Editorial

Bride styling, propping and art direction Roxanne Parker, photography Agata Stoinska, make up, Ken Boylan, hair by Kazumi hair salon. Beautiful detail on gown and nice little hat with veil.

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Confetti Magazine Spring 09 Editorial

This model's styling, propping and art direction Roxanne Parker, photography Agata Stoinska, make up, Ken Boylan, hair by Kazumi hair salon. Lovely lacy gown and lots of flower for the hair. Very feminine.

Keywords: Roxanne Parker, Confetti Magazine, Agat Stoinska, Ken Boylan, Kazumi Hair Salon

Confetti Magazine Spring 09 Editorial

These two bride models have been , styled, proped and art directed by Roxanne Parker, photography Agata Stoinska, make up, Ken Boylan, hair by Kazumi hair salon. I like the feminity of these two looks.

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Fun Wedding Photo

If you hire a photographer, you can do fun things with your groom and get some snappy photos. Try the leap.

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Bride in Field

Isn't this dramatic? Very nice. I think having non-traditional photos taken at your wedding or prior would be more fun than the usual poses. What do you think?

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Malay Wedding-Yati

A two-day event beginning with akad nikah ceremony. The grooms signs contract and agrees to provide the bride with a dowry. then the henna ceremony. Then the bride's hair is trimmed and her eyebrows shaped. The next day, the groom and friends, relatives, musician and palm blossom carrier go to the bride's house and are greeted with a sprinkling of yellow rice and scented water.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Wedding Hair

Natural curl can be a challenge for any day, but on the wedding, some control is nice. A product to define the curl and keep it from frizzing up or flattening out is nice. Try Aveda products.

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Orthodox Wedding Ceremony

Ukrainian bride getting ready to receive a crown. If you are having a traditional wedding, consider how to wear you hair if you are crowned or if other ornaments are to be placed in your hair.

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Old Westbury Gardens

Pick your photographer and book them long before your wedding. Good photographers are expensive. A friend can do it, but you may be disappointed with blurry shots or cut off heads. Be sure to think this through carefully. See Duet Photography ( as a possible source.

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Love Birds

Handmade traditional Ukrainian chicken egg for wedding favors, or gift for the bride and groom. See www.Ukrainian

Keywords: weddingfavors, bridal gifts, Ukrainian Chicken Egg

All eggs in one basket

Indian and Ukraine cloisionne eggs. Possible gift for the brides maids. Great colors.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vintage Updo

Isn't this pretty? I love the big curls, like the kind we used to do with juice cans. This is movie star hair, or Greecian hair, very nice. See salongreco for your wedding hair needs. Georgia.

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Floral Updo

This is lovely, such a good idea to decorate one's hair with flowers. See www.salongreco. com in Georgia for your wedding hair.

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Possible Wedding Hairstyle

This hairdo is very Greecian. Lovely with a row of pearls at the crown. Very nice. See www.salongreco. com

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Bridal Updo

In this do, the bangs are more swooping, a little softer look and the back is rolled into big curs, nice details with beaded hair accesories.

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Possible Wedding Hair for your weddinghair appointment. Make sure you book two--a trial and the appointment for the day of your wedding.

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Bridal Updo

Here's a salon that will do a great job for you wedding. Nice french twist at the nap with large curls piled on top. Sparkly hair accessories. Salon Greco, Suwanee 30024

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wedding Hair

Wedding hair from The Knot. Flowers such as gardenias and orchids, are nice additions to any do.

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Here is a pretty back view of a twist with some curls coming out from the center line. Heigth in the front, depends on your face shape.

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Wedding hair

Hair and makeup trial is an important thing to schedule into your wedding plans. The flower here is a bit large, gardenias are nice. How will you have your hair done?

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Wedding Hair

Here is an ornate do for a traditional Asian wedding.

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Possible Wedding Hair

See Very pretty wedding dow with soft curls on top and straight bangs. Hair ornament.

Keywords: wedding hair, sweetheart neckline, wedding diamonds

Wedding Hair

Long hair with wavey twists. Easy to do with finger curls when hair is wet. Use a product that hold the curl in. Natural and femine. See Dan Pearce for your photography needs.

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Photography Bridals

Wedding hair idea, pretty short do with wispy waves. Nice accent with flower and feil material. Wedding photography by Dan Perce Photography

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Sheath Gown with Overlay

Chic Bridal's design. Organza overlay on sheath gown. See

Keywords: wedding gowns, weddingdress, organza, sheath wedding gown

Short Gown A short wedding gown is good for a summer wedding or a casual wedding.

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Embroidered Gown

Here's a pretty black and white embroidered gown and a pom pom bouquet.

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Marilyn Monroe Dress

Here's a pretty dress for any time of the year. See

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Victorian Rose Bead Necklace

Beads made from dried flowers. Here yellow roses and pink carnations. Swarovski crystals complete the necklace. See JNJKeepsakes for your special wedding jewelry.

Keywords: weddingjewelry, Swarovski crystlas, driedrosebeads

Victorian Bracelet and Earrings

Think of this, save your flowers from your wedding and have them made into keepsake beads--rose beads in yellow or pink and here pink carnations. See JNJKeepsakes for your special wedding keepsake.

Keywords: rose Beads, wedding jewelry, JNJKeepsakes

Beverly Necklace

JNJKeepsakes handmade rose beads with freshwater pears bookending Swarovski Crystals.

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Freshwater Pearls & Rose Beads

For your wedding see JNJ Keepsakes. The rose beads are maid from dried rose petals. Sterling silver and Swaroski crystals sit between lovely freshwater pearls.

Keyword: wedding jewelry, freshwater pearls, Crystals, JNJ Keepsakes

Wedding Centerpiece

Here are some looks at different centerpieces you might use for your wedding reception. Sometimes picking your own flowers and arranging your own bouquets might fit your budget the best. My friend picked Dahlias for her wedding. It was inexpensive and last minute and worked perfectly.

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Wedding Cake via Fine Stationary

This is a beautiful and amazing cake. Copyright

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