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Friday, July 31, 2009

Gothic Black Swan Handpainted Silver Pumps

Here's the white princess pump painted for a party, a night out with the bachelorette, or for the bridesmaids. See

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Custom Painted Shoes

Here is cute pair of satin pumps for your wedding. See for your selection.

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Marie Antoinette

Hand painted silver with blooms and hummingbirds. Princess pumps stunning for your themed wedding. See

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Wedding Swans Shoe

Hand-painted Ivory Princess Pumps for your wedding. Romantic jeweled style with vintage brooch and feathers.

Keywords: special bridal shoes, norakaren2002, feathers

Brides of the World

Maypole bride. Tradition at its best.

Keywords: Lauren3838photography, weddingplace, updos

Brides of the World

Jumping rope.

Keywords: weddingphotography, weddings, bridal hair, bridal tradition

Brides of the World

Beautiful sepia shot of this lovely bride.

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Wedding Hair

www.eheizerphotography. Pretty hair and beaded hair accessory.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fashion Bridal

Isn't this gown a pretty color? I love champagne--the color. And sometimes the drink. Costco is a good place to buy your wedding champagne. If you buy in quantity, any store will giv eyou a discount.

Keywords: wedding hair, champagne, bronze gown, wedding gown

Fashion Bridal

Vintage goddess. Pink gown and lots of beads. Messy goddess hair, shall. Very pretty and feminine.

Keywords: weddings, weddinggown, teatime, tea ceremony, pink gown

Feminie Creature

Wow, what a shot. I love this blue gown and the white gloves an heels, very feminine and sexy. Try on colored gowns and see if you are the type who will go with a tiny bit of blue or pink. Red?

Keywords: weddingcolors, weddinggowns, weddingdresses, wedding hair

Bridal Hair

Here's a great shot, the bride's waist tied with a rust ribbon. How fun is this accent? And the hair, classic with a lacy ornament. Very pretty.

KEywords: bridal fasion, wedding hair, weddings, rust sash, rust ribbon

Wedding Hair

Hair accessories, feathers, netting, ornaments. Try it all. Are you the type that will step outside of traditions.

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Publications /09

Like this gown, with the foo foo front. Nice hair too. I was thinking this morning about how important the wedding undergarments are. With this smooth to hip gowns, one needs those long bustiers. There are so many types of foundations now, so you can wear anything comfortably. FInd a good shop and get some help with a fitting. Usually at the wedding shops they have underware to try on with the gowns. You may want to shop elsewhere, just for variety, for your special day.

Keywords: bustier, halter top, empire waist, A-line

Leaving Eileen Donan Castle

A little Scottish wedding, red is so lively and a kilt is the traditions. I believe the wedding tradition might include some Scotch.

Keywords: redwedding, kilt, Scottish wedding, Eileendonancastle

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bridesmaid Yellow

Here's a springy look and this is a dress that could be worn other places, besides the wedding. Cute crumb top. Great yellow color. See Wtoo #2486

Keywords: wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, yellow palette

Jim Hjelm Bridesmaid Dress

Satin black with a low V-neck. Very sexy. Tea length, great hair and jewelry. Try black for a classic look.

Keywords: weddinggowns, bridesmaid dresses, wedding, wedding vows

Alvina Valenta Bridesmaid Dress

Black satin, very classic, great hair, beautiful.

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Strapless Satin Classic A-line Dress

I like this color, and the style is classic. If you want citris for your wedding, try orange, lime, lemon. It's fun to try something colorful.

Keywords: bridesmaid gown, wedding gown, weddings, thebestprice

Srilalita's Henna

The henna ceremony is important in many cultures. At, you can purchase henna supples. See www.nancyrothstein. com for wonderful photography.

Keywords: wedding photography, henna ceremony, mehndi

Henna Hands Bride

Asha Savia inspired design. See

Keywords: henna, bridalhands, Indian wedding

Russian Wedding

I love this shot, so intense. Her hair is lovely, the swooped bang, all the curls on top.

Keywords: Russian wedding, wedding gown, bridal hair

Wedding Hair

We can't see the back of this updo, but I like the straight bangs and the longer hair hanging down. Very sweet and right for this bride.

Keywords: wedding updo, weddinghair, weddings, bangs

Wedding Veil

There is nothing quite so lovely as the back in a strapless gown. Here the lace gown is fitted and buttoned with tiny buttons. Elegance is a must in a traditional wedding.

Keywords: wedding veil, NYC, wedding vows, wedding veil

Elegant Bridal Hair

My friend was telling me that she'd been to a wedding where the bride's gown was black and the bridesmaid dresses were white. So I searched this and came up with this nice updo. And the dress is cute too. See

Keywords: blackwedding, black gown, wedding gowns, updo, bridalhair

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Strapless Bridesmaid Dress

Here's a very pretty bridesmaid dress in pink. I love the gathered bodice, this is good for figures that have something a little extra around the waist, just makes the figure look flawless. See #2482

Keywords: shopindream, weddings, July styles, summer weddings

Orange Bridesmaid Dress

V-neck strap and wide waist with decorative pin. You could have your maidens accessories with family heirlooms. Mix and match gowns: orange, peach, pink, all nice together. Have the girls pick a style from several you think will look good together. They'll appreciate one style over another, as one will fit a figure better than another.

Keywords: bridesmaid dresses, wedding gowns, decorative brooch, mix and match wedding

Strapless Bridesmaid Dress

Black is always safe--and elegant. And Classic. Most skin-tones can wear black. Lovely for any time of the year. See for this dress #2480.

Keywords: wedding dresses, bridesmaid gowns, wedding accessories

Strapless Bridesmaid Dress

This is pretty and festive with the netting over the skirt. If you are having a fall wedding, try cadmium yellows, shades of orange, browns, and greens. Nice palette for the chillier days where warm tones are desired.

Keywords: warm notes, wedding colors, cadmium yellow, peachy orange

Brown Bridesmaid Dress

A-line strapless bridesmaid dress from www.shopindream. com #3992 Brown is given a bad wrap. It's lovely accented with blue, rich and not as harsh as black. Accessories work in a variety of colors. Greata for a fall wedding.

Keywords: fallwedding, winterwedding, brown palette, orange palette

Pink Bridesmaid Dress

A-line strapless backless dress, a pretty shade of pink that would be fine mixed with a nice orange color for your wedding colors. This dress can be found at www.shopindream. com #1991

Keywords: bridesmaid dress, strapless dress, pink bridesmaid dresses

Handwoven Lace Ring Bearer Pillow

This is nice, the pocket and flower. I like the look of this Ivory Lace. Look on Etsy to find more of nutfieldweaver's goods.

Keywords: wedding accessories, ring bearer pillow, Ivory Lace

Handwoven Ivory Lace Bridal Capelet

Here's a pretty capelet for your wedding day. If you have a summer eve wedding, it may be a bit cool or you might want to protect your shoulders from the sun. Nutfieldweaver has some lovely accessories on etsy for your wedding. Check her out.

Keywords: wedding lace, wedding accessoreis, ring bearer

Handwoven Ivory Lace Ring Bearer Pillow

See nutfieldweaver for lacy wedding accessories. Lace can be added to your shoes, t the flower girls bouquet, to invitations. You can print out lace designs from clip-art collections. Very pretty and feminine.

Keywords: wedding lace, weddings accessories, clip-art, lacy invitations

Handwoven Ivory Lace Petal Cone

See nutfieldweaver for wedding goods. Here the Petal Cone for the flower girl. Very sweet and hand woven. A lovely shade of dusty rose that you could use as your pastel color skeme.

Keywords: weddings, weddingcone, petals, flower girl. Sprinkle lace

Monday, July 27, 2009

Blue Gray with Red Accent

Here's a nice shade of blue for your wedding. See the websites of the different designers for more ideas. Elizabeth Anne Designs inspiraton board.

Keywords: wedding blues, weddings, peacock blue, gray palette, red roses

Ivory Wedding

Elizabeth Anne Designs inspiration board in shades of white, pinkish, yellowish, blue-tint.

Keywords: elegant wedding gown, wedding flowers, wedding photo

Yellow Wedding

Weddingbee, Absolutely Beautiful Things, Wendy Kromer, Costello Tagliapietra gowns, Sarah Kaye, Elum Designs, Thoughtful Day. This summery color is perfect for balmy days by the sea. Or if you live inland, by the lake or river. Keep the lines fmooth and fresh.

Keywords: weddings, yellow palette, wedding cake with yellow roses, yellow beach furniture, yellow invitations

Nautical Inspirations

Lynn Lugo dresses, riverboat wedding, Red shoes. Make your wedding a special event, a destination wedding, riverboat ride downstream. Keep the day open for special happenings.

Keywords: wedding inspiration board, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Bridesmaid dresses, sky blue

Lynn Lugo

Eggplant and Roseberry bridesmaid dresses from Lynn Lugo. Create your own bridesmaid dresses

Keywords:, persimmon organza, pomegranate dupioni

Purple Vegan Shoes

Yes, vegan, no animals involved. Pretty purple shoes for a wedding.

Keywords: weddingshoes, prgamoc greens, pillow talk,, dragonfly orchid

Wedding Shoes

These look fairly comfortable.

Keywords: wedding shoes,, pamela's Parasols, feathers, silks, flowergirl collection

Wedding shoe compendium!

Schuh: Cortesan Rosette Court & Antique Rose Court; LL Mink Brooch; Diamante Wedding Bow Sandals; Schuh Red or Dead; Rod Trixie; Faith Solo; Mebo; Ted Baker; Grazia; Filippa Scott; Buffalo; Faith; Barratts

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tiffany Blue Palette

For your wedding, chose a color theme and then match everything to it. Here is the calming blue that will look classy and feel good. You know how colors make you feel a certain way, you have a stimulating red, and a relaxing blue. Look at these cakes. So sweet.

Keywords Aqua blue, tiffany blue, classy wedding, blue flowered wedding cake

Unique Wedding Invitations

Sunset Beach theme for your wedding. See Michelle Mospens' unique work at She will make you something special.

Keywords: South Carolina, wedding invitations, hand designed wedding invites, beach wedding, summer wedding, fall wedding

Palm Tree Frond Wedding Invitation

See Michelle Mospens website www.mypersonalartist. com for your wedding invitations. She is an artist and designer who creaats custom wedding invitations.

Keywords: Wedding invitations, Palm Tree Frond, Beach wedding, orange wedding

Orange Wedding

Perfect for spring, summer, and fall weddings, orange has made a come back. In the 60s, my mother adored orange. Orange dresses, orange cupboards in the kitchen, orange shoes. I have never looked good in orange, but an accent of orange is perfect. So light and lively. Flowers, table accents, light. Very spirted.

Keywords: orange wedding, orange palatee, Inspriation board,

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stephen Geoffrey Tux

Chocolate Parisain Tuxedo found at S&K Menswear. Nice looking tux and nice looking model.

Keywords: groomsmen, bridesmen, wedding clothes, tuxedo

Groomsmen Tuxes

What do you think about htis tie? I'm not sure I like it, but there are plenty of other tie choices. The brown tux is great.

Keywords: brown & turquoise color palette, wedding colors, weddings

Groom's Tuxedo

Here we come to the grays. A gray and red theme is wondrous. Or gray and orange. Even gray and turquoise. I like the white vest and the pattern in the tie and the hanky.

Keywords: Grooms outfit, possible tux, Jim's, weddingsclothes

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