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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flower Girl Dresses

Are these cute or what. See for more choices.

Keywords: spring wedding, flower girl dresses, outdoor wedding

Flower Girl Dress

So sweet and what a cute and proper pose. See Boncy Boutique for more choices--also I bought a flower girl dress for my daughter's wedding at Target.

Keywords:, wedding gowns, flower girl dress

Custom Designed Vietnamese Wedding Gown

See for beautiful gowns and great ideas.

Keywords: wedding gowns, Vietnamese Wedding, traditional weddings, spring weddings

Vietnamese Wedding Dress

See for beautiful gowns. Fun little site with paper-doll you can dress with different gowns. See for more ideas.

Keywords: myweddingplace, Viet Nam, Vietnamese, Bouncy Boutique,

Check out this site.  Fun, you move the gowns onto the paper doll figure.  Traditional weddings are a must.  What will yours look like?

Designer Sketches for Princess Kate's Wedding Gown

This is fun. I guess it's top secret, what design she will where. See for ideas. Does your gown have a royal flavor?

Keywords: fashion design, designer gowns, wedding gowns, wedding dresses, royal wedding, springwedding, summer wedding

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Possible Designs for Royal Wedding

Beautiful gowns: designer styles you can find similarly styled at 1/16 the cost. See for wedding ideas.

Keywords: myweddingplace, Costco, royal wedding, designer gowns

Miledy Vintage

A historical collection: baroque, classic, romantic and modern. See for lots of beautiful gowns.

Keywords: Kate Middleton, Prince Williams, royal weddings, Empress gowns


Style and luxury in four epochs: baroque, classic, romantic, and modern. See Miledy Vintage for more.

Keywords: Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton, Prince WIlliam

Royal Wedding London

Kate Middleton and Prince William's royal wedding April 29--expensive hotel rooms and local camping (129).  Are you going?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Coiffure de Paris

Lovely strapless gown and hair with sparkling flower pins as detail. Simple but elegant. What is your style? Elegant, classic, country, city, coastal? Spring wedding, summer wedding, fall or winter wedding? Begin your planning now.

Keywords: myweddingplace, spring wedding, spring bride, Paris fashion

Chignons de Mariée

See for beautiful updos. I love how large these curls are, big enough to circle white roses and babies breath. Very pretty wedding hairstyle.

Keywords: Wedding updos, weddinghair, weddings, brides, Chignons, bridal hair

Wedding Hairstyle

See for lovely wedding dos. And lots of great ideas: clay for oily hair, ideas for straightening your hair, stimulating hair growth. French and lovely, check it out.

Keywords: myweddingplace, wedding updos, wedding hairstyles, lovely curls, curly hair

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Wedding Trends

Did you see the beautiful gowns at the Oscars? Ann Hathaway's gowns give us inspiration and many have lookalikes that you can get at bridal shops. Wedding gowns can be traditional white, or choose a pink bridal gown for your wedding.

Keywords: myweddingplace, Short gown, low back gown, lacy wedding gown, tulle, pink wedding dress

Lo Boheme 2011 Collection

Credit: Lo Boheme
Bridal accessories from

Keywords: hair accessories, feathers, hair bands

Ida Sjöstedt Gown

Fashion Week by Berns at Berns Salonger, January 2011. Beautiful gown with beadwork and lots of tulle.

Keywords: Ida Sjöstedt, spring wedding gowns, pink wedding gowns, Heros On The Moon

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