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Friday, October 30, 2009

A Cinderella Shoe

Here's a very pretty shoe taken by photographer Ryan Brenizer. Pretty shoes are nice and it is also nice to wear something comfortable, for some that might be flats. See for cute flats that come in a variety of colors.

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Manolo Blahnik Sugar Shoe

This is funny and looks like the real thing. Imagine shoes on your cake? Perhaps for the bridal shower?

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Sparkly Sugar Shoe

Debbiedoescakes is does shoes for her cakes. Funny. You might prefer to have a CEMP for your feet, who knows?

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Manolo Blahnik Wedding Shoe

Now I know from Carrie on Sex & the City, that the Manolo Blahnik costs hundreds of dollars. What will you wear for your wedding? See for affordable shoes. Also debbiedoescakes for your wedding cake needs.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jazzberry Gown

Wow, what a beautiful dress. This gown can be seen at AnnesWeddingApparel. If you could get this in white, it could be your wedding gown. Very nice.

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Black Gown

This is very pretty, formal and grecian. See more at AnnesWeddingApparel (E140).

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Bridesmaid Blue

A perfect color for a winter wedding. THis dress can be see at AnnesWeddingApparel. What is your color palette? What season will you marry? Blue is good year around, and particularly suited to winter.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flower Girl

Isn't this the sweetest picture? A pretty red dress for the flower girl, matching the bridesmaid dresses. A winter wedding would look good with this shade of red as your accent color.

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Bride and Bridesmaids

This wedding took place in Pueblo, Colorado. The bridesmaids' red dresses fit with the land, the color of place. This is something you might want to keep in mind, what does you environment look like. Where I live we have sea and mountains, lots of evergreen trees and rain. Blues and greens are nice here. In Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, warm colors are prevalant in art. So you might want a bright color-skeme if you are to be married there. Photo by Charlotte Geary Photography.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Elegant Champagne & Midnight Blue Wedding

This bride chose and old-fashioned gown which called for jewelry with a vintage feel. Bead Euphoria Handcrafted Jewelry made her golden champagn jewelry from pearls and crystals, contrasting the gold hues with the shimmery midnight blue of her bridesmaids' dresses.

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Kimberly's Bridesmaid's Jewelry

This is a sweet color for a winter wedding. See for his collection of lovely gowns. See Bead Euphoria Handcrafted Jewelry to have your bridesmaids necklaces and earrings made from glass pearls, crystals, faceted quartz and sterling silver.

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Danielle's Wine Collection

Handmade jewelry for Danielle's wedding. See for the gown and Bead Euphoria Handcrafted Jewelry to get special necklaces and earrings made for your maidens.

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Melon Bridesmaid Dress

Here are handmade earrings from Bead Euphoria Handcrafted Jewelry. You email to her a photo of your gown and she will go to work, using silver and multi-shades of Swarovski crystals and faceted strawberry quartz briolettes. You get them in the mail in around a week. See for a dress this color. Nice color, good for a winter wedding, or really, any time of the year.

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Dessy After 5

Here's a simple brown dress for a fall or winter wedding. The style is 1999 and is good for other occasions.

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Dessy After Six Bridesmaid

Look into the Dessy Group for pretty bridesmaid dresses. This one is Style 6521. You can even make your own inspiration boards at this sight, choosing from their dresses and bags and ties and clutches and flowergirl dresses. Fun!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Cute Bridal Shoes

Why not find a playful pair of shoes for your wedding. See for Amarillos and other fun brands. Not to pricey, either.

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Blue Shoes

Try out a blue and yellow color skeme, or blue and silver, which would be very wintery. Here are some Azules to consider.

Keywords: myweddingplace, bluebridalshoes, Azules


Yellow shoes for your wedding. See as a possible source for Amarillos. This are cute little heels, there are also cute flats available.

Keywords: Amarillos, Texas shoes,, yellow wedding shoes

Red Shoes

This is a good look, playful, dramatic, and not over the top. See for shoes

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pretty Wedding Hair

Bridal Bouquet

Beautiful bouquet with calla and renunculus.

Keywords: bridal bouquet, wedding bouquet, winter wedding

Winter Wedding

Beautiful winter wedding flowers.

Keywords: winter wedding, wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wedding Shoes

This bride loved her shoes, although not everyone agreed with her. The only problem was they were uncomfortable and ended up barefoot most of the evening. Perhaps have anothe pair of shoes ready, just in case.

Keywords: wedding shoes, myweddingplace, opentoedshoes


Pretty yellow shoes for your wedding. This is a spring or summer color, perhaps fall with sunflowers.

Keywords: myweddingplace, summer wedding, fall wedding

Sandalias Azules

Well aren't these the prettiest shoes? I think this color is a terrific color for winter. Why not use blue for sparkles and snowflakes and winter themed trimmings?

Keywords: myweddingplace, winterwedding, blue shoes, blue wedding

Wedding Shoes

Nice sparkly silver shoes for the wedding. Be sure to have a mani-pedi on your calendar for the day before. Get a relaxing massage too. It's nice after all the busy-ness to let down and enjoy.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bridesmaid Bouquet for Winter Wedding

This is nice, traditional with eucaliptus and roses. Fragrant colors.
See Mitchell's Flowers for more choices.

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Winter Wedding Bouquet

This is elegant and simple, a hand-tied bouquet of winter calla lilies and foilage. Nice long stems--very pretty.

Keywords: winter wedding bouquet, hand-tied bouquets, winter palette

Beautiful Wedding Bouquet

Nice, these Bird of Paradise, lilies, and orchids. Other flowers to accent colors. What is your color skeme? What time of the year will you marry? Do you want you season to become your color palette?

Keywords: weddings, wedding photography,

Bride & Bridesmaid Bouquets

Think about winter and berries come to mind. The berries in the bouquet add color and charm and the feathers look so wintery, almost like snow. See for more photos.

Keywords: winterwedding, wedding bouquets, bridal bouquets

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beaded Wedding Shoes

Aren't these pretty with the beading and the straps, pointy toes. Very nice ivory white wedding shoe. Photo by David J Colbran

Keywords: myweddingplace, weddingshoes, bridalshoes, opentoedshoes

Sparkly Wedding Shoes

Here's a nice par of shoes with a double strap, all sparkly and cinderella-like. Photo by David J Colbran

Keywords: weddingshoes, myweddingplace, bridalshoes, Faith

Wedding Shoes

Here's a pair of Ivory white shoes for the bride. Pick a strappy pair with bling for your wedding. Photo by David J Colbran

Keywords: myweddingplace, Gucci shoes, weddingshoes

Wedding Shoes

Love this shade of purple, and shoes for your wedding can go with your color palette. This photo is by David J Colbran.

Keywords: weddingshoes, myweddingplace, Gucci

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Snowy Wedding

Isn't this fun, sort of like going to the fair and having your photo taken in the funhouse. Here is your winter wonderland in China.

Keywords: winter wedding, fall wedding, myweddingplace

Fall Wedding Shot

Pretty fall backdrop for wedding photos in China.

Keywords: myweddingplace, China wedding photos, fall wedding

David's Bridal Fall Collection

See more photos of gowns taken by for Fashion Week and David's Bridal.

Keywords: wedding gowns, myweddingplace, David's Bridal, Fall wedding

Fall Bridal Gown

See for more gowns show at Fashion Week Designs and David's Bridal.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wedding Updos

Here are some pretty dos to consider for your wedding. All of these are suitable for long hair. Some with flowers, some with ahir ornaments, some long and natural. How do you wear you hair? How would you like it different for your wedding.

Keywords: weddinghair, wedding updos, myweddingplace

Wedding Hair

Here are some pretty dos from The Some brides make the mistake of choosing a hairdo that isn't really natural to their look. Mother-of-the-bride can do this too. I did. My hair in the wedding photos, although cute, is so not me. Pick a do that does you justice, not changes your identity.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

20s Bridal Do

This cute short do is great for a modern or vintage look. I love the length of this cut, which accents the earrings, the long neck of the bride, sort of starlette-like, becoming. What is your look, whimsical, classical, medival, modern?

Bridesmaids' Hairstyles

Nice hair styles, these three maids with lovely gowns in colors that will work year around. I find variety to be intriquing and having your gals choose hair styles that fit their faces and personalities is worth it. No one is self-conscious, everyone has a choice. This is good.

Keywords: wedding hair, bridesmaid hair, hairstyles, bridal hair

Wedding Hair

Beautiful hair for your wedding. This style with the bit of netting and the peacock feathers is dramatic, rather European, and divine. For more hairstyles see the link following this image.
Keywords: weddinghairstyles, wedding hair, bridal hair

Bridal Hairstyles

Bridal Hairstyles

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Winter Wedding

Navy blue makes for an extravagant wedding, sparkling siver adds to the holiday feel. Very elegant and formal.

Keywords: Tastefullyentertainingblog, Myweddingplace, winterwedding

Old-World Sage and Ivory Wedding

Lovely sage color for the bridesmaid gowns and the invites. Even the details on the cake can have this sweet color-good for holiday weddings, good for fall and Christmas.

Keywords: myweddingplace, fall wedding, tastefullyentertaining

Brown and Cream Wedding

This is a nice palette for a more formal look. I love how simple the lines are. If you want more infor about the companies offering dresses, cake, etc. see

Keywords: tastefullyentertaining, myweddingplace, fall weddings

Beautiful Wedding Cake

Chapel Hill wedding in North Carolina--beautiful cake shot by Kevin Mitz Photography. This color could go year around, weave into color skeme with greens and ivories.

Keyword: myweddingplace, fallwedding, weddingcake

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ivory Fall Fondant

This is a very pretty cake, classicall and whimsical. Ivory fondant with dark chocolate squiggles. Brown satin ribbo and tuxedo bows, topped with bright gree fresh orchids. This would make a good fall color skeme, brown and green. What is your color skeme?

Keywords: myweddingplace, wedding colors, tiered wedding cake, Glass Slipper Gourmet

Winter Wedding Cake

Blue is good for winter weddings. Here the ornate scrolling is dark chocolate makes this cake elegant. The bloomed white roses line between layers. The cake is on a silver stand with afuschia linen to compliment.

Keywords: , weddingcakes, winter wedding, myweddingplace

Farm Theme Cupcake Tower

For a farm wedding, try something whimsical. Here bride and groom cows sit atop the cake. See Bella Cupcakes or a bakery in your area that specializes in cupcakes.

Keywords: weddingcupcakes, wedding cake

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