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Friday, September 16, 2011

Getting a Little Help

Laura Hair by Lari Photography

Here's a pretty updo for your wedding. The ribbon is simple and a nice addition to a feminine look. Book your hair appointment way ahead of time, more than a month.

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Wedding Hair

Pretty hair, smooth with loose curls. Be sure to do a trial before your wedding just to make sure you like the look.

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Wedding Hair

Pretty curls with a sweet hair ornament. Try you hair dresser out ahead of time so you don't have hair you hate on your wedding. I like this do, since it's natural looking. Wedding updo photo by Nuno Duarte

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I love the style of the gowns and I love the color. Very pretty for spring, but I think summer and winter would work too. Thanks to Princess Ashley for the photo.

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1920s Flounced Ball Gown

Don't you love the word flounced. I love these layers and really, many current gowns have layers of tullie, very pretty like this. I also think this color of this gown would be great for a wedding. Photo by Sacheverelle.

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Vintage Wedding Gown

Here's a beautiful gown posted by Sherry's Rose Cottage. Think about how you can do a gown inexpensively, perhaps vintage is the way to go. I made my first gown, and found my second gown at Goodwill.

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Hand-me Down

Do you have your grandmother's or your mother's dress in your attic closet. Well, haul it out, have it cleaned and fitted, and you'll have a beautiful and sentimental wedding dress to wear as a beautiful bride.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Taffeta Strapless Wedding Gown

This A-line pick-up pleated skirt has a chapel train and lacy bodice. Photo by Janniery. See for used wedding gowns.

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2011 Wedding Gown

Beautiful layers of tullie. Love the bodice and the asymmetry of the neckline. Pretty colors to choose for your palette, lavender and a darker accent, deep plum perhaps.

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The Wedding Showcase 2011 Hong Kong

This is a pretty gown, for the less formal wedding choose a color, pale would be good, or try bright: scarlet perhaps. This gown was showcased by the InterContinental Hon Kong Wedding Show.

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The Wedding Dance

Pretty gowns, lovely shade of blue. We'll have to imagine how the fronts are styled. Public wedding shoots, building backdrops, fun for your wedding day during good weather.

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