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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wedding Makeup & Hair

Here you can see that that the updo brought out the bride's chin line. Very nice. Hire someone who knows your likes and dislikes. See or

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Bridal Hair and Makeup

Bridal hair can be plain or fancy. If you have a short neck, accent your eyes. Let your hairstyle and makeup draw the eye to yours. This could happen with a new do and professional makup.

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Wedding Makeup

Perhaps get a makeup specialist to do your wedding face. My friend wanted little makeup and then she was disappointed because she looked washed out in the photographs. You are going to a lot of expense and you gown and hair are fabulous, so have your face look fabulous too. See www. or

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Bridal Bouquet

Isn't this lovely, classic with ivory roses and eucolyptus. See Blooms Day Flowers for more wedding bouquet ideas.

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Bridesmaid Bouquet

Handtied bouquet for your bridesmaid. These colors would look great year around, but fall is hinted at in the ornage and reds. See Bloomsday Flowers for more ideas.

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Autumn Bouquet

I love these colors: peach roses, orange ranunculus, cartharnus, oak leaves. See bloomsdayflowers for more ideas and to order your flowers.

Keywords: Bloomsday Flowers, myweddingplace, Retro Blooms

Bridal Bouquet

Here's a pretty bouquet from bloomsdayflowers. I like these colors for any time of year, but think they'd look especially nice in a winter color theme.

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Bridesmaid Dress

Sketch by Erin Tapp, 2008.
For sketches of a dress you think you'd like, email A handmade gown is a good option.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Winter Wedding

A simple color palette for winter, blue and white. Try going regal with invitation from Crane and Co. Get married in a big church, borrow something blue. See The Knot for flowergirl sashes. A feather is always timely.

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Copper and Plum Wedding

Copper monogram invites from William Arthur--Fine Stationery, Floral centerpeice--the Knot, bridesmaid dress, Jim Hjelm, Etsy Whichgoose and Anna Artiste for accesories, Macy's linens.

Keywords: finestationery, myweddingplace, fall wedding, winterwedding

Apple Orchard Wedding

Here's a great idea for a fall wedding, or substitue Persimmons or Pomegranets for the winter wedding. Very nice to have a theme for your wedding. Try an orchard in winter with snow on bare limbs. Or when it blossoms in spring.This inspiration board was taken from's blog, The Finer Things at

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

2010 Bridesmaid Dress

Amsale as shown in Fashion Week. See

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Bridesmaid Gown

Here's a pretty gown from the Boris Collection. See more gowns at

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Bridesmaid Dresses

These two gowns would look nice in a winter wedding. Boris Collection at

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Formal Bridesmaid Dress

Boris collection. See What a beautiful color, good for winter and spring. Summer too.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Winter Bouquet

Here's a pretty bouquet for your winter wedding. I love the cones in this. See for wedding photos.

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Winter Wedding Bouquet

Sweet, pink roses for the winter wedding. Soft pink is the color the mountains turn in the winter at dusk. What color will you choose for you winter wedding?

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Wintery Photography

Here's a nice shot by If you have a winter wedding coming, plan for some shots on a sunny day. If possible--you never know what the weather will bring.

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Winter Wedding Ideas

See for more inspiration boards. If you are to be married in the winter, consider blue, either light or dark, as a wintery color. It's the color of winter shadows, very pretty.

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Winter Wedding Cake

Sparkly, like a snowy tree, decorated in blue icing and snowflakes. Very pretty winter wedding cake.

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Bridesmaid Bouquet

Winter wedding bouquet with babies breath, fluff and glitter. Very winter-like, snow on tree limbs, frost on dried flowerheads.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wedding Shoes

See Brad Ross of Shhpeko for wedding photography needs. www.

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Paparazzi's Shoes

These are sweet. Sort of a version of the ballet slipper. See for lots of shoes, or Zappos.

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Bride in Wellies

Oxwich Bay Wedding, West Wales. See for your wedding photography needs. Set up an engagement session so you will be relaxed with the photographer on your wedding day.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Irregular Choice Wedges

Wow, aren't these cool shoes?

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Wedding Dresses

Good winter colors--green, black, turquoise, black. Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Claire Danes, pretty laura Black dress, Empire waist dress, America Ferrera dress, Jamie Kennedy, WED magazine, Lazaro bridesmaid dress.

Keywords: myweddingplace, weddings, winterweddings, bridesmaiddress

Wedding Cakes

Polka Dot, cameo Pink, Monogram, cupcake rose, candy hearts, white cupcakes. What are you wedding colors? Do you want your cake to reflect these colors? Do you want cupcakes or cookies. Anything goes these days.

Keywords: weddingcake, myweddingplace, weddingcupcakes

Winter Wedding Flowers

Lavendar is good for winter, so is white, ecru, peach, red, and blue. Think cool colors, silver and lavendar would be nice.

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Wedding Hair

Andre Lima, reversed bun, Reese Witherspoon, winter bride, Chignon, and other updos. If you don't have a slender long neck, you can still wear an updo. Identifly your best feature, say your eyes, and then make them the focal point. Make your hair length so that you see your eyes immediately. Play with this by pulling back your hair, pinning it up, widening it at eye level, bangs, no bangs, swoop bangs, you can do this process before you go to the stylist.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunflower Harvest Bridal Bouquet

Isn't this pretty? Would be lovely for a late summer or fall wedding. Love the the grass and the big open flowers.

Keywords: MostlyFlowers, weddingbouquets, bridalbouquets

Lavender and White Corsage

See Mostly Flowers for a look at silk bouquets. You might like the simplicity and good price of going this way.

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Pink Orchid Bridal Bouquet

A cascading handtied bouquet of silk flowers. You can purchase as a wedding package with matching boutonniere's, corsages and bridesmaids bouquets... even flowers for your hair. See Mostly Flowers for more ideas.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yellow Beehive Bouquet

A good summer or fall wedding bouquet. I love the sunflowers, yellow mums, and beehive ginger. Nice. See Expressions Floral for your winter wedding.

Keywords: myweddingplace, wedding bouquets, bridalbouquets

Amnesia Roses

Very pretty colors and soft flowers for the winter bouquet. See Expressions Floral for more choices.

Keywords: myweddingplace, winter wedding, wedding bouquet

Blue and Green Wedding

This might be a good color combo for spring or summer. Green roses and button mums, blue hydrangea and lavendar, very pretty.

Keywords: Expressions Floral, myweddingplace, wedding bouquets

Amnesia Rose

This is a nice color combo--Amnesia Rose, black magic rose and blue delphinium. See Expressions Floral for more ideas.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wedding Day

Isn't this sweet?

Keywords: weddingday, flowergirl, myweddingplace, springwedding

Full Figure

Here's a beautiful dress that looks great on a fuller figure. I love this colors for the winter wedding. I know this idea board says To The Opera, but why not To The Wedding in plum. What will your bridesmaids wear?

Keywords: myweddingplace, winterwedding, bridesmaid gowns

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Roses & Colleus

See Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers for more wedding bouquet ideas.

Keywords: myweddingplace, winterweddings, weddingbouquets

Battery Lit Bouquet

I'm not sure about this one, but who knows, in a darkened church, a faint light coming from the bouquet could be dramatic. Here are calla lilies, roses, and hydrangea. See

Keywords: myweddingplace, winterbouquet, lighted bouquets


This would be lovely, so many cascading orchids. For wedding photography see,

Keywords: weddingphotography, winterweddings, myweddingplace

Monday, November 9, 2009

Rdha Palm

Mix of Indian and Arabic Mehndi designs. See

Keywords: Indian wedding, myweddlingplace, saree, Mehndi

Pakistani Bride

Beautifully annointed, the traditional Pakistani bride waits for the ceremony.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Winter Wedding

Love this long train. Winter weddings aren't always in the snow. Where will you get married?

Keywords: myweddingplace, far north wedding, winter wedding

Snow Bride

Mt. Seymour and beautiful bride. Refreshing. Why not get some dramatic shots outside--for your winter wedding.

Keywords: winterwedding, myweddingplace, Mt. Seymour

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wedding Hair

Photo by, taken at Chateau Font du Broc (St. Raphael) Pick a simple style. Make things simple, it will be easier and less expensive too.

Keywords: myweddingplace, weddinghair, updos

Pretty Hair

If you want a do that works with the shape of your face and your neck length, see a good stylist who can begin to move you in the right direction. It takes time to find a style you can do easily and love to wear. Do this well ahead of time, so you aren't surprised close to your wedding.

Keyword: bob, updo, weddinghair, myweddingplace

Pretty Hair

Why not keep it simple. If you pick a do that is different than you usually wear, you might see your photos later and be disappointed. Pick something you are comfortable with.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Table Bouquet

I love this, bouquet in a tin can. And I think those are limes. Nice color. Beautiful for summer. Refreshing outdoor wedding.

Keywords: myweddingplace, orange & white color skeme

Table Bouquets

Mix and match bouquets, shown at The Knot, tulips, roses, and hydrangeas. Nice to mix and match. All in white. For winter, perhaps a sprinkle of silver glitter on the table beneath the vases.

Keywords: myweddingplace, winterwedding, the knot

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